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What is Press?

The Definition of Press for the purpose of Cannes Lions is content intended for published printed media including Newspaper, Magazine, Journals and Single Page Inserts. Entries should need no third party application or digital interactive element to be understood, but entries that include these elements, but can still be understood will be accepted.

2013 Grand Prix


Eligibility dates
1 March 2013 - 30 April 2014

€505 per entry

Material requirements
One un-mounted board (must match digital proof)

Please note the price listed above includes a €75 late entry fee following the original 28 March 2014 entry deadline.


Before you submit your entry please make sure you have done the following:

  • Checked if your work is eligible to be entered into the category
  • Supplied all the correct entry requirements
  • Credited all the correct people

See how the entry process works

Important Dates

Entries openOpen
Entry deadlineEXTENDED TO 25 APRIL 2014
Refund deadlineFriday 28 March 2014
Shortlist releaseTuesday 17 June 2014
Awards CeremonyWednesday18 June 2014


Not sure what category to enter? Contact the Category Doctor.

For any other queries regarding this category please contact the Press entry manager.