A Cannes COntact Near You

Cannes Lions has a global network of representatives. In more than 90 countries all over the world, there is a representative you can speak to in your language about entering the awards or attending the Festival.

The reps also help with selecting the jury. For each jury spot there is, the reps nominate three people. Once these nominations are all in, Cannes Lions selects the judges, ensuring that each jury contains an even balance: by geography, gender, skill, and network.

The selection process for 2014 is now underway. If you have suggestions for potential jury members for 2014, please contact your local rep as soon as possible.

Young Lions

Cannes Lions organises Young Lions Competitions each year during the Festival. These competitions are an opportunity for young creative professionals to show off their skills to some of the most influential people in the industry.

The representatives from each country select the most talented young creatives to compete in the competitions and sponsor their participation. Selections are placed between January and April, depending on your country. There are certain criteria you have to meet to take part in these competitions. If you meet them and are interested in competing, get in touch with your rep.

Awards and Exhibitions

Many of our representatives organise awards shows and exhibitions in their country after the Festival. In Cannes, only the recipients of Grands Prix and Gold Lions get to go on stage and collect their awards. The reps' awards shows are an opportunity for the Bronze and Silver Lion winners to shine as they receive their trophies. 

The reps also host exhibitions of the winning work from Cannes, workshops, training and networking events. 

Find Your Local Representative