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What do video games, AI, and tampons have in common? Join Amazon & Huge as they discuss how to embrace partnerships to bring brand voice to life using innovation, creativity, and storytelling.

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Amazon Alexa: Creating Immersive Experiences

Alexa skills represent an opportunity to create immersive experiences that connect your brand to consumers in a way that is highly personal and uniquely engaging. How do brand stewards decide, not just what they could do with a skill, but what they should do for the optimal user and brand experience? And how do they execute on their ideas in this relatively new and rapidly emerging technology?

World-class video game developer Ubisoft, and award-winning conversation design studio, Xandra established a strategic partnership to produce an innovative voice experience in support of the global release of Tom Clancy's The Division 2™. Hear how these partners created a 5-star Alexa skill through a highly collaborative process from ideation to design, development, and launch.

Gain an understanding of the current industry trends, hear about conversation design principles, and see a series of examples that show best practices in action.


Leah McMullen

Leah McMullen is a brand and marketing executive with over a decade of experience in premier consumer branding. She started her career working with independent designers, building cult followings with her innate understanding of brand positioning. She develops integrated brand marketing strategies for clients such as Ubisoft, Shinola, and Kit and Ace. Based in San Francisco, Leah's global clientele are on the leading edge of brand experience and innovation.
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Zach Johnson

Founder and CEO, Xandra, Inc.

Zach Johnson is founder and CEO of Xandra, Inc., a multi-award-winning conversation design studio creating interactive voice experiences through the craft of drama, and the art of sound. Zach began his career at an interactive agency in Boston during the first dot-com boom and has led technology companies and startups around the world ever since. He currently splits his time between Australia, California, and New York.
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Designing Ethical Platforms

Through the use of cloud services, we often no longer need engineers to custom design algorithms. But while technology provides great opportunity to quickly create and scale products, it also brings a host of new risks. In a panel discussion we will discuss the ethical and human sides of advanced data technologies on user interfaces, strategic business decisions, and customer loyalty.


Anne Bowser

Director of Innovation and an Innovation Specialist with the Science and Technology Innovation Program, Wilson Center

Dr. Anne Bowser is the Director of Innovation and an Innovation Specialist with the Science and Technology Innovation Program (STIP). Her work focuses on understanding and mobilizing public participation in science, technology, and policy while helping the Wilson Center leverage technologically innovative programming to reach new audiences. 

Taking the concepts of public participation and open innovation as unifying themes, Anne's research and practical work focuses on topics including how technological interfaces can be designed to motivate participation; the role that standards and interoperability play in facilitating data collection and data sharing (or not); and, how citizen science technologies are appropriated from one context for use in another. Her PhD, awarded by the University of Maryland’s iSchool, explored a cooperative approach to designing Floracaching, a geocaching mobile app for biodiversity data collection.

Anne also considers key policy aspects of citizen science and crowdsourcing, including how to connect citizen science to decision-making at multiple levels of governments, with NGOs, and with businesses.  As a member of the steering committee of the UN Science-Policy-Business Forum on the Environment, Anne seeks to make citizen science an integral component of environmental research, governance, and decision-making. Through 2020, she will chair an emerging Citizen Science Global Partnership - a network-of-networks that will promote and advance citizen science for a sustainable world.  Anne also partners with The General Service Administration (GSA) and the Federal Community of Practice for Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science (CCS) to maintain resources including the Federal Catalog of Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science. 

She leads the Wilson Center’s participation in BILAT 4.0, a European Commission-funded Coordination and Support Action initiated to advance transatlantic cooperation in Science and Technology Innovation. The BILAT project explores EU-US cooperation in areas including open science, open innovation, and smart cities. Anne also supports the Wilson Center's topical work on Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities, and Serious Games, and works as the Director of Innovation to help programs across the Wilson Center leverage technologically innovative programming to reach new audiences.

Beyond the Wilson Center, Anne is on the Board of Directors for the U.S.-based Citizen Science Association (CSA), where she serves as Treasurer and CFO.  She is also co-Chair of the CSA's Data and Metadata Working Group, the current steward of the PPSR-Core citizen science data and metadata standard, and co-Chair of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Citizen Science Domain Working Group. 
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Marc Maleh

Group Vice President Technology, Emerging Experiences, Huge

Marc Maleh currently serves as a Group Vice President Technology, Emerging Experiences at Huge. In this role he focuses on leveraging new technologies to create intelligent and immersive experiences for clients company-wide leveraging AI, mixed reality, 5G, and as well as newly emerging technology trends. Marc’s passion is to understand the potential of new technologies and inspire, humanize, and enable teams to adapt them. He is a deep believer in the power of technology to create products that not only solve client’s business needs but create value for the end users. 
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Patrick Givens

VP and Head of VaynerSmart, VaynerMedia

Over the past decade, Patrick Givens has taken a "user-led, technology-powered" approach to building products, brands, and businesses for clients ranging from Fortune 500s to new-to-world startups. Patrick is currently VP and head of VaynerSmart, VaynerMedia's innovations & IoT marketing practice. In this position, he leads the extension of VaynerMedia’s pioneering social media and digital marketing into emerging channels including voice-first A.I., connected retail, and interactive packaging/collateral. Prior to joining VaynerMedia, Patrick worked at some of the world’s leading creative agencies including Anomaly, Droga5, and Havas Worldwide.
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Reid Blackman

Founder and CEO, Virtue

Reid Blackman, Ph.D., is Founder and CEO of Virtue, an ethics consultancy that focuses on corporate governance and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, biotech, and virtual/augmented reality. He protects his client’s brands by devising ethical risk mitigation strategies and running emerging tech products through an ethical risk due diligence process. Prior to launching Virtue, Reid was a Fellow at the Parr Center for Ethics at UNC Chapel Hill and a professor of philosophy at Colgate University. He received his B.A. from Cornell University, his M.A. from Northwestern University, and his Ph.D. from the University of Texas in Austin. Reid sits on the “Methods to Guide Ethical Research and Design” committee for the IEEE Global Initiative on the Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems and is a member of the EU AI Alliance. When he isn’t doing ethics you can find him with his wife and children, unless there’s rock climbing to be done.
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Michelle Levine  Moderator

Senior Business Development Manager, Amazon

Michelle Levine is a Senior Business Development Manager at Amazon, where she has worked for 8 years. She accelerates the Alexa business by building relationships and connecting-the-dots with traditional and digital advertising agencies, consultants, innovators, tool creators, global holding companies, and developers around the world. Michelle is fostering a network and global community of partners who can build engaging content across voice-enabled devices.
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Thoughtful Devices and The Future of Fulfillment

Hooha, created by Huge, is a smart tampon dispenser that you can text for a free tampon. By use of a simple text message, Hooha provides tampons to people when they need them the most. Users will be prompted to text a unique code phrase to the phone number listed on the machine. In addition to eradicating the coin slots, Hooha also features a window, which is notably absent from the design of its predecessors and displays the machines’ stock level. Technology plays a part in more ways than one, through thoughtful uses of technology, we’ve worked to prevent some of the most basic challenges with today’s dispensers. The Hooha can signal that it is running out of supplies and order more that arrive just in time.


Steph Loffredo

Associate Director, Social Media, Huge

Steph Loffredo is Associate Director, Social Marketing at Huge, overseeing social media campaigns across a range of diverse brands. Before joining the agency, Steph worked at KBS and Attention Global, where she contributed to building award-winning social media programs for brands like BMW, JBL, and Simmons Beautyrest. Steph has more than 7 years of experience in social media marketing. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Wagner College where she also studied Anthropology. As a side hustle, Steph was selected by Huge as an inaugural fellow for its thought leadership program and created Hooha, a smart tampon dispenser that users can text for a free tampon.
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Plus an unmissable interactive experience that brings Amazon & Huge to life

Join Amazon & Huge as they demonstrate how to embrace agency and technology partnerships to bring brand voice strategy to life using innovation, creativity, and storytelling. Discover how Ubisoft & Xandra created an immersive customer experience that positioned their brand to lead the creation of a 5-star Alexa skill, and see a series of examples that show best voice practices in action. Explore how women-led technology is disrupting and revolutionizing even the most basic human challenges. Hooha, created by Huge, is the world's first smart tampon dispenser that you can text for a free tampons using AWS and Amazon Pay APIs. Through thoughtful uses of technology, Huge & Amazon will demo how this smart machine improves an antiquated consumer experience.

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