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Connect meaningfully with the people who matter to you. Microsoft provides intelligent solutions that empower you to deliver engaging, personalized experiences that value people. Plan smarter customer journeys with targeting based on audience intent and tools that automate media optimization. We help you turn data into better-performing marketing campaigns.

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Microsoft Roundtables

For two days CLX is for invited participants only to take part in a selection of curated roundtable discussions.
Details about how to apply for a specific roundtable will be published soon for those that have already registered for CLX.


Innovating for the Agency of the Future

Join Microsoft for an exploration of the latest innovations that will spark creativity in the agencies of the future, across advertising and audience solutions, voice marketing, AI for Good, Mixed Reality, productivity, accessibility, and more. This is your chance to get hands-on with Microsoft technology! Learn more about Microsoft’s accessible product design with the Xbox Adaptive Controller, discover how AI is increasing productivity, and more.

Featuring on Tuesday

Bob Bejan

General Manager of World Wide Events, The Microsoft Studios and the Marketing Community, Microsoft

Bob Bejan is currently the General Manager of World Wide Events, The Microsoft Studios and the Marketing Community at Microsoft. Over the last 25 Mr. Bejan has been a part of several teams that have contributed to the development of the new media and digital media marketplaces. Starting as an inventor and founder of an interactive movie-game business called INTERFILM in 1992. In 1994, Mr. Bejan became a founding Executive of Warner Bros. Interactive, followed joining Microsoft 1996 to be a part of the launch of MSN and the creation of Dozens of the internets’ early shows and programming. In 2003, PBJS was launched as a “Creative Studio” focused on data driven insights to drive more effective and measurable creative thinking and execution. The timeliness of the approach lead to the sale of the company to Publicis Group. After 2.5 years in Paris with his family at the Publicis Headquarters, it was time for the family to return to Seattle. Mr. Bejan Took over the North American Ad Sales Business for Microsoft and was able to significantly grow revenue, helping to facilitate the AOL Partnership that is operating today. In his current role, Mr. Bejan reports to Chris Capossela, the Chief Marketing Officer of Microsoft.
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Featuring on Wednesday

Geoffrey Colon Moderator

Head of Microsoft Advertising Brand Studio

Geoffrey Colon is a compelling voice at the intersection of marketing, tech, media and popular culture. He is Head of Brand Studio at Microsoft Advertising, where he develops innovative concepts as a form of business development and collaboration with partners. He has written for The Futurist, Advertising Age, and Fast Company, and been quoted in Forbes, Billboard Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Guardian and The Los Angeles Times. He has also appeared on Marketplace on NPR, NASDAQ Live, WABC-AM and Cheddar TV.
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Dina Apostolou

Director, Dynamics Product Marketing, Microsoft


Lindsey Slaby

Founder, Sunday Dinner


Tony Parisi

Global Head of AR/VR Ad Innovation, Unity Technologies


The Business of Inclusion

At the heart of Inclusive Marketing is the ability to empower marketers to reach people in ways that deeply resonate and fuel long term growth. Inclusive Marketing opens doors to audiences with immense buying power, who marketers may have overlooked. In this inspiration-packed session, we’ll explore how inclusivity is a growth engine for business, how to maximize accessibility, connect with all of your audiences, and stoke your imagination on how far you want to take this strategy in optimizing business and life.


Steve Sirich

General Manager, Microsoft Advertising Marketing 

Steve Sirich is currently a general manager on the Global Search Ads Business team at Microsoft. As the leader of the Microsoft Advertising Marketing team, his primary business focus is to develop and manage the successful execution of the overall Microsoft Advertising marketing strategy. This includes helping to determine what Microsoft Advertising solutions should be offered to Microsoft advertisers, identifying who Microsoft should target relative to its customer verticals (i.e. the boundaries of the market segments to be serviced), defining how Microsoft will reach its targeted customers, and influencing when Microsoft will roll out Microsoft Advertising product offerings to advertisers.
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Plus an unmissable interactive experience that brings Microsoft to life

You are invited to visit Microsoft’s Agency of the Future showcase at CLX. Discover the latest innovations in Data, AI, Voice, Mixed Reality, and Audience Solutions, to drive your business forward and make more intelligent connections with your customers. Create smarter customer journeys that increase touch points, fueling data insights and increasing revenue. Explore the innovations around voice marketing and activation – a big part of the future of computing, because it is a huge part of what makes us human. Interact with our voice skills coded for Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant, and find out what advertising could sound like in the near future. Envision the workplace of the future with the latest from Microsoft’s M365 and Dynamics, and join Microsoft’s vision for a better world with our AI for Good initiatives.

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