Meet the game-changing marketers coming to Cannes Lions

Creativity is a game-changer’s most important tool. It’s a mindset that allows for the constant generation of new ideas – ideas that could go on to reinvent systems, break habits and change societies. This June at Cannes Lions, we’ll meet some of the people shaking things up with creativity.


Craig Spence
Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
International Paralympic Committee

Smashing stigma and reshaping the conversation around disability, Craig Spence is a game-changer in every sense of the word. Craig’s work to reposition paralympic sport meant that, in just three years, the Paralympics have become one the biggest inclusion-driving sports events in the world. In 2015, around 20 million people in Great Britain had changed their view of people with an impairment as a result of the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

Meaningful messages like ‘Yes I Can’ moved the nation, while a local call to action saw Rio 2016 sales jump from just 20, 000 tickets to 2.15 million. Today, the Paralympics are the world’s third highest-selling sports event in the world – outsold only by the Olympics and FIFA World Cup. Get inside the mind of the marketer who changed global perspectives and discover what it takes to create honest communications with humanity at heart at Cannes Lions 2019.


Jocelyn Lee
Head of AI Advertising Practice
Heat/ Deloitte Digital

AI advertising is where we’re heading. But the future is unclear in the midst of the ongoing debate around ethics. How can a company fulfil its mission, reach its goals and continue to profit while maintaining genuine human values? How do we create safe algorithms and track consumers without exploitation?

Tasked with creating AI and advertising solutions for the likes of eBay, Taco Bell and Pandora Music, Jocelyn Lee is shaking up the approach to consumer behaviour at Heat. Data is critical, but human values are, too. Explore how the two can work in tandem as part of Deloitte Digital at Cannes Lions 2019.

Bozoma St John
Chief Marketing Officer

Outspoken, bold and with an incredible reputation for meaningful campaigns that scratch far beyond the surface, Bozoma St John is a cultural powerhouse. From working with Spike Lee to leading Beats Music through the transition to Apple Music, to arranging Beyonce’s blackout SuperBowl Performance – it’s no wonder Billboard named her a “Top Woman in Music.”

Bozoma is an innovator. She lives and breathes culture and has an innate ability to pinpoint collaborations with the power to genuinely move consumers. She saw Uber through turbulent times as Brand Office and, naturally, her recent move to Endeavour has sparked excitement. Join Bozoma alongside Leo Savage and Maye Musk celebrating the 50+ Goldmine.

Maithreyi Jagannatha
Associate Marketing Director Healthcare
Procter & Gamble

Maithreyi Jagannatha has led Vicks India for several years now, following over 13 years in total in FMCG at P&G. She’s built brands across the globe but it’s the Vicks #TouchOfCare campaign that has been her shining light. The multi award-winning Vicks #TouchOfCare India achieved significant brand growth – growth far beyond all predictions, with an 8% increase in brand recall and a 23% increase in sales.

Hear how Vicks India used a brand integrated in consumers’ everyday lives to tackle stigmatised topics, like Indian taboos, trans+ rights and rare skin conditions and discover how Touch of Care sparked debates and tugged on heartstrings at Cannes Lions 2019.

Check out these game-changing leaders, and other creative pioneers at Cannes Lions this June.