Google's Gold Lion Winner

Google won a Gold Lion in 2018 with a piece of work that turned information into knowledge. They made the smart choice to enter 'Creative Data: Use of Real-time Data'.

Know What Your Data Knows by Google

To showcase the power of Google Cloud and its ability to quickly turn data into insights, Google used AI and machine learning to make real time, in-game predictions during the March Madness tournament. A team of data scientists analyzed decades of NCAA data plus the first half of the game to make a prediction about what would happen in the second half. That prediction would become the basis for a hyper-contextual, real-time commercial. To pull it off, Google created a tool kit of dynamic creative assets that could make a spot about whatever Google Cloud predicted. The tool kit was loaded into custom-built, Google Cloud-powered software that could assemble, edit, render, and traffic a television spot directly to the network in less than 10 minutes (a world’s first). It was an end-to-end live product demo, in front of 43 million viewers. And Google Cloud nailed the predictions.

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