Cannes LIONS and ANA Global Growth Councils for Progress

We're looking for industry professionals to join the Cannes LIONS /ANA Global Growth Councils for Progress to help our industry achieve its full potential and make progress as a global force for growth and a force for good.

This year, LIONS and the ANA are expanding the Global CMO Growth Council, and welcoming professionals from both agencies and brands to join its work as it focuses on the five most pressing issues - as identified by LIONS and ANA research. This will transform the CMO Growth Council into the industry’s first and only, truly global, leadership community that is united around a common agenda - the growth and progress agenda.

This LIONS and ANA initiative is seeking additional industry professionals who can bring new perspectives and insights, accelerate the pace of progress at a greater scale as part of a truly global community. It will bring together five distinct committees of 25-30 entrepreneurial and visionary people to tackle some of the world’s - and creative industry’s - most pressing problems. Formed from the already established and successful CMO Growth Council, set up in 2018, new teams within the Council will convene for the first time ever at the Cannes LIONS Festival from 20-24 June, and continue to meet throughout the year, virtually and in person where possible, to make progress on the pledges agreed upon in Cannes.

The Council has prioritised five global challenges, which they will address together at this year’s Cannes LIONS Festival in separate teams:

  • Sustainability
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Data and Technology
  • Brand Creativity and Effectiveness
  • Talent

We want everyone who comes to our Festival to have the chance to contribute their ideas at these council sessions - and have five spaces available on each Council that are open to applications. Council forums will take place across the week of Cannes LIONS, with inaugural meetings of the new teams on 22 and 23 June, followed by virtual and in-person meetings across the year to make progress on the industry’s growth and progress agenda agreed upon in Cannes. This is a minimum of a year-long commitment and you will have a chance to contribute directly to the changes the industry needs most.

If you are in Cannes for the whole week, and afterwards can commit to joining virtual meetings for this project for at least four times a year, and would like to make a difference in the areas that matter most to you and your peers, we’d like to hear from you.

Your team: You’ll be joining an established CMO Growth Council of top CMOs from various industry sectors around the world. The teams are now looking for visionary creative professionals from the creative community, agencies and brands to join and help them accelerate their progress in these key areas.

Your role: Your job is to bring your passion, knowledge and/or expertise in the area you’re choosing to work in. You’ll come up with a desire and an ability to influence and drive change with your peers and in the industry.

Your commitment: You must be already planning or able to be at Cannes Lions or able to travel there, and available in Cannes from 20-24 June to attend inaugural meetings and sessions. Passes can be made available to access the meetings but expenses will not be paid. Throughout the rest of the year, you must be available to attend virtual council meetings, with a minimum commitment of three/four per year.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work with your Council peers to devise and deliver a commitment to take specific actions by the end of the week in Cannes - determining which part of the issue should get your focus
  • Amplify this pledge in your own organisation and your business network individually, as well as collectively as part of the Council, over the course of the year to get feedback, make progress and present back at Cannes in 2023
  • Available pre-Festival for Council executive briefings, which will be scheduled well in advance and will usually be
  • Available during Cannes from 20-24 June to attend council sessions and meetings
  • Available for predominantly virtual meetings - usually two to four hours a quarter

Your Experience

  • You should have a role where you have demonstrated innovative thinking and entrepreneurial vision in a marketing or creative role in brand communications. We welcome applications from everyone currently working in this space, worldwide, regardless of seniority. What we are looking for are visionaries who can prove they can drive outcomes
  • Ability to understand one or more of the key issues listed above and identify the most urgent and important challenges
  • Has experience of working within groups and/or teams - especially to drive change
  • Ideally has an extensive and diverse network to draw on in order to help advocate for the council and progress its aims

Your Qualities and Skills

  • Able to articulate what needs to be achieved and make a case for change
  • Passionate about creating change
  • Advocate of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • An understanding of the skills needed to drive change
  • Be tuned in with popular culture and communications industry trends that could be reflected into the curricula
  • Personable – able to make a positive connection with the council members
  • Organisation – able to keep on schedule

What we’d love to know about you
We will be selecting candidates who demonstrate a passion, commitment and desire to make change by working with a global team of industry professionals at various stages in their careers. Evidence of knowledge of or interest in the topic of the specific Council topic that you select is also vital, as is a commitment to the year-long ambitions of this group. To help us make our decisions, please send your resume/CV and answer these four questions in no more than 400 characters each:

  • Which theme would you like to focus on and why?
  • What issue do you think within that theme needs to be addressed most urgently and how would you suggest you and your peers do it?
  • What experience do you have of influencing or driving change?
  • How will you use your network to advocate for change and drive progress in your chosen team?

Deadline for applications: 25 May 2022

Apply now

Who are we?

The LIONS brand is probably most synonymous with Cannes Lions, The International Festival of Creativity, the definitive meeting place for the global creative communications and advertising community. It’s five days of inspiration, aspiration, unlimited magic and potential. The Festival has been championing creative excellence since 1954 with the goal of providing a global destination and the definitive benchmark for creativity that drives progress.

LIONS is going through an exciting time as it’s recently repositioned as The Home of Creativity, supporting those in the business of creativity at every step of their journeys with an extended portfolio of new advisory, learning and intelligence services. Our purpose is to drive progress through creativity for an incredibly diverse and talented global creative community.

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