Creative insights from winning work: Chipotle King of Content

In 2011, Chipotle addressed factory farming. Their next topic? Processed food. 

The Scarecrow film was launched on YouTube with no paid media for its first four weeks. Solely promoted through PR, starting with a USA Today exclusive and earned social media, the Scarecrow generated over 7 million views. The film became a trending video on YouTube, as the game was featured as an Editor’s Choice on the iOS App Store at launch.


The song was distributed on iTunes and promoted by PR, social media, mobile ads, and across Chipotle’s owned assets (, etc.) The film was also the opening cinematic for The Scarecrow mobile game, which has been downloaded over 650,000 times in North America.

Later, in the rollout of the Scarecrow, a multi-faceted digital campaign was initiated to increase the viewership, including targeted search, paid YouTube views, and leveraging the YouTube video in mobile games across iOS devices.

"The idea is to get more people to think, to find more information. We're trying to bring more people in through entertainment... And spark conversations."
Steve Ells, Founder of Chipotle

The Scarecrow franchise created a conversation about food in popular culture generating over 614,000,000 PR impressions.

In its first month, The Scarecrow sparked 18.4 million conversations across 17 social platforms with a 92.7 social sentiment score. For the first time, Chipotle unseated Taco Bell as top social brand on the Restaurant Social Media Index Top 250 list.

Since launching, the film has reached over 12,500,000 YouTube views. Over 650,000 people have downloaded the game, playing for an average of 5 minutes. The song debuted #32 on Billboard's Streaming Songs chart and reached over 13,000 purchases on iTunes.