The art and craft of effective communications

Craft is about the skill, talent and flair needed to deliver beautiful work that works. This is where we explore the best, most creative ideas as they come to life.

What you'll learn

Craft is all about the campaigns with enduring narratives, nuances and ideas that shape culture. Hear the stories behind award-winning campaigns, the people behind them and the wonderful execution. What happens when traditional techniques blend with cutting-edge tech? The definition of Craft is always evolving: this is where you find out how.

Meet the Craft Track Speakers

Jonathan Lynn

Writer, Director

Teddy Lynn

Founder and Chief Creative Officer
Episode Four

"Craft is critical. If you can hold the viewer's attention they are more likely to buy into the product."

Trevor Robinson
OBE and Founder and Executive Creative Director, Quiet Storm

Highlights from the Craft Track


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