The Innovation Track

Transformative tech-driven creativity

Innovation covers everything there is to know about invention, disruption and transformation. Learn directly from the people who change the world every day through culture, partnerships, strategies and practices, product, creativity-enhancing data and technologies.

What you'll learn

Delve deep into data-driven, tech-enabled creativity that transforms marketing communications.

Speakers share ideas and predictions about game-changing technologies. From AI to VR and everything between, how will we use these technologies, and what impact might they have?

Find out how new data-driven, tech-enabled creativity is re-shaping marketing communications and the world.

Meet the Innovation Track speakers

Scott Galloway

Founder, Professor of Marketing
Gartner L2, NYU Stern

Ivy Ross

Vice President of Design; Google Devices and Services

Elizabeth Rutledge

Chief Marketing Officer
American Express

Nick Drake

Executive Vice President, Marketing Experience

Conrad Fritzsch

Global Head of Digital Agency and Data Activation

Lubomira Rochet

Global Chief Digital Officer and Member of the Executive Committee

Sophia Bush


Ivan Duque

President of Colombia

Juan Carlos Ortiz

President & CEO DDB Latina

Mark Sandys

Global Head of Beer, Baileys and Smirnoff

Syl Saller

Chief Marketing Officer

"The story here is about humans and machines collaborating for something much larger. The enhancement of humanity...there's never been a better time to be a creative."

Alicia Hatch
Chief Marketing Officer, Deloitte Digital

Highlights from the Innovation Track


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