Cannes Lions is home to 30,000+ awe-inspiring creative ideas from around the world. It makes the festival the perfect place to explore the best of the best. So we've built a programme to help you put creativity to work in you business.

Explore a treasure trove of the world's best campaigns

More than 30,000 pieces of work are submitted each year at Cannes Lions. And you can explore it all at the festival's exhibition and screenings. Hone in on the winners in your sector or specialism. Or wander around to be inspired. Our experts are around to answer questions and guide you.

Exploring the exhibition

Get behind-the-scenes judging insight

Talks from our presidents and jurors are the closest you can get to a Cannes Lions jury room without being on a jury. Learn more about the difference between good and great ideas. Ask the people judging your work questions. See how to improve your chances of winning in the future.

See judging in action

Take a tour of the best work

Take a guided tour of our exhibitions of work, with commentary from an industry legend. Hear their personal views. Ask questions. Get insights into this year’s trends and learn more about what sets the best ideas apart from the pack.

Understand what makes a Lion winner

Make the business case for creativity

Daily sessions feature recent winning work and explore the themes they represent. See how creativity has the power to change the culture of your organisation and get results.

Learn why creativity matters

Learn how to win a Lion

What does it take to win a Lion? Hear how people have built an award-winning culture in their organisations. Deep dive into trends and fill your inspiration bank with new ideas. These talks are your chance to understand the awards process in detail. What's more, you'll walk away with practical advice on how to give your work the best chance of winning next year.

Lessons from the experts

See the winners crowned live

In the end, Cannes Lions is all about the award-winners. And the only place to see them revealed live is at the festival. Each night, our world-famous award shows are where a new set of Lion winners are announced. Don't miss the chance to see the best of the best first and celebrate work that works.

The greatest creative honour