Showcasing the development and application of product development, business transformation and the new data-driven, tech-enabled creativity re-shaping marketing communications.

  • Innovation Lions

    The Innovation Lions honour ground-breaking innovation, technology and problem solving. Standalone technological solutions including tools, products, models, platforms and other forms of ad tech will also be recognised, as well as creative campaigns utilising new tech.

    • Technology entered must be at prototype/pre-production stage.
    • Pre-development ideas/concepts are not eligible.
    • Entrants must be in a position to fully demonstrate the technology.
    • The same piece of work can only be entered once into Innovation.
    • Shortlisted entrants will be required to present their work live to the jury in Cannes.

    • A. Innovation

      • A01. Innovative Technology

        Standalone, technological solutions not in association with a brand or creative campaign. The definition of 'Innovation' for the purpose of this section is non-brand-aligned, breakthrough technology or solutions that advance, enrich or improve. The Innovative Technology category will also recognise, but is not limited to, data-led technologies, innovative platforms, tools, models, programmes, hardware, software, bespoke products and solutions.

      • A02. Applied Innovation

        Innovative solutions in association with a brand or creative campaign. The definition of 'Innovation' for the purpose of this category is brand-aligned, breakthrough and revolutionary ideas, and forward-thinking methods that are rooted in finding solutions to brand problems. Typical entries may be concerned with, but not limited to, innovations that have helped solve a business issue for a brand or have been produced/developed in order to propel a brand forward.

      • A03. Technological Development

        Entries into this category will focus on how the technology/innovation has overcome challenges and improved within the eligibility dates. They may also focus on the scaling out of an innovation or creative campaign enhanced by new tech or forward thinking ideas, showing how the innovation has moved beyond its original objectives and goals to reach new heights.

        You may have entered Innovation Lions in previous years but must show a marked improvement in your innovation since your previous submission.
      • A04. Early Stage Technology

        Entries into this category are still in the testing, prototype and beta stages of their creation. They may still be attracting funding or only operating at a fraction of their projected scale. Entries must still be demonstrable at presentation stage. Concepts alone will not be permitted.

      • A05. Business Transformation

        Innovative solutions to business challenges. Entries will need to demonstrate a comprehensive change in business process or structure through technological and/or strategic transformation. The jury will reward scalable solutions that have a tangible impact on the business model, culture, customer/employee experience, driving measurable growth and transforming how the business operates.

        There is an increased eligibility period for this sub category of 3 years.
  • Product Design Lions

    The Product Design Lions celebrate creativity that fuses form and function. Entries will need to demonstrate aesthetics that are inseparable from application; that is work that blurs the line between a product's beauty and utility by achieving both.

    • A number of criteria will be considered during judging and weighted as follows: 40% idea; 40% execution, form and function; 20% results.
    • Please note that food products and all packaging should be entered in to Design Lions, as they are not eligible in Product Design Lions.
    • The same piece of work can be entered up to three times in Product Design. However the same piece of work may only be entered once in 'A. Goods'.
    • Please note that we do not accept concept ideas or undeveloped prototypes.

    • A. Goods

      Design that increases brand value through functional and aesthetic resolution. The jury will consider if the design expresses appropriate brand qualities / product identity through form, function, usability, aesthetics, problem solving, production, research and manufacturability.

      The same entry can be submitted only once in this section. The product must be available for purchase between: 1 March 2017-30 April 2018. Please send physical samples for the jury to experience.

      • A01. Electronics, Entertainment & Consumer Technology

        Gadgets, entertainment & media products, computers & information technology accessories, digital & electrical devices, office electronics, sound systems and portable audio. Including but not limited to laptops, headphones, cameras, speakers, televisions, record players, digital TV boxes, home digital media devices, docking systems, mobile phones, telephones, phone covers, headsets, webcams, phone accessories etc.

      • A02. Homeware, Furniture & Lighting

        Domestic and commercial products in the range of seating, tables, storage and lighting, as well as home electronics and appliances, home accessories and kitchenware. Including but not limited to products such as office interiors, indoor and outdoor furniture.

        If entering this category please contact for more information regarding sending your product.
      • A03. Lifestyle, Fashion, Leisure, Sports & Outdoor

        Lifestyle, fashion, leisure, fitness, sport and outdoor products, including but not limited to wearable technology, jewellery, timepieces, watches, glasses, smart watches, fitness & sport tech, luxury goods, travel accessories, luggage, footwear, etc. Entries for fashion can be one off/bespoke product and limited ranges.

      • A04. Infant Products, Toys & Educational Products

        Products designed for babies and children, toys (including adult toys) and educational products for children and adults. Entries for infant products should demonstrate aspects that make the product baby and child safe and easy to use.

      • A05. Medical Products

        Focus will be placed on the innovation of medical product design. Including assisted living products, assisted living technology, clinic and laboratory equipment, hospital, medical/healthcare devices and equipment, rehabilitation and care, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, skincare, massage devices and more.

    • B. Impact

      The jury will consider the immediate and longer term impact that the product has on consumers, environment and society as a whole. Focus will be placed on functional, technological, environmental and social factors as well as product solution, innovation and integration.

      The product must have been at manufacturing stage or commercially available between: 1 March 2017-30 April 2018. Please send physical samples for the jury to experience.

      • B01. Brand Communication

        Products which embody the brand, enhance the brand recognition and desirability and supports the intended message.

      • B02. Innovation

        The use of new technologies, depth of development, techniques, methods and materials to create a truly innovative product. The jury will be looking for ground-breaking developments as well as products that push boundaries within product design.

      • B03. Solution

        Product design solutions that enhance the quality of life through their functionality. Including problem solving, ease of use, ergonomics and product compliance with appropriate standards. Entries should clearly describe the problem that the product is looking to solve and the solution achieved through production process and final design.

      • B04. Integration of Technology into Daily Life

        Products that connect daily living with technological innovation. The jury will be looking at how well design and design business anticipate user needs and emerging technological trends into every aspect of their products, services and experiences - from initial development to user benefits and consumer satisfaction.

      • B05. Social Impact

        The use of product design in positive social impact, e.g. positive impact on society, products within education, health, medical, positive attitude change, solving global social challenges. Entries should demonstrate the results and the scale of the social impact.

      • B06. Consumer Experience

        Bringing the product together with service design and offering consumers a rich consumer experience. Entries should demonstrate the user journey and experience.

    • C. Promotional & Bespoke Items

      For products designed to increase brand awareness, including promotional or low volume designer series as well as bespoke, special editions.

      The promotional activity must have been between: 1 March 2017-30 April 2018. Please send physical samples for the jury to experience.

      • C01. Product Design for Promotional Purposes

        Focus will be placed on the use of an item to promote a brand, which should demonstrate a clear understanding of the brand's target audience. To include clothing, promotional gifts and samples, guerrilla marketing accessories, promotional items and brand merchandise.

      • C02. Bespoke Items & Designed Objects

        Domestic consumer objects and products that are produced in a low volume series, or at least in part made by the designer, as well as bespoke, one-off items.