Booking childcare at the Palais

Childcare for children aged 0-8 at the Palais is provided by our partner, Nipperbout. Please note that childcare is exclusive to delegates.

The creche is located in Palais II - ground floor, accessed via the Parvis. You can ask any member of staff to take you, if you are unsure of how to find it.

All delegates seeking childcare need to bring their children to Registration at the Gare Maritime to get a complimentary Festival badge on their first day. Please join queue 4 at Registration

Sessions are listed in 2 hour blocks. You are welcome to choose as many sessions as you wish throughout the day, however please note that children must be taken out for fresh air and refreshments after a 4 hour duration. Children are welcome to return to the setting for further sessions after a 45 minute break.

Food will not be provided in the crèche for lunch or dinner. Nipperbout will provide a light snack of fruit/rice cakes and water in the morning and afternoon. Parents must take their children out of the crèche for meals. A fridge will be available in the crèche to store milk for young babies.

Places will be allocated on a 'first-come, first-served' basis and are limited. Parents are kindly asked to only book the sessions needed to enable us to accommodate as many requests as possible within our limited team available in France.

Please note: Pre registration for childcare is now closed.

If you require childcare onsite, please make your way to the Lions Creche in Palais II. The team from Nipperbout will advise which sessions are still available.

If you are bringing your child/children to the Palais, please first take them to Registration so that we can register them and print a Festival badge.

If you have any questions about the Palais creche, please contact Nipperbout directly: