21-25 June 2021.

Get ready for Cannes Lions Live

Cannes Lions Live will run from 21-25 June 2021 on a fully digital platform. The Lion-winning work will be announced, awarded and celebrated at Cannes Lions Live and all LIONS members will receive complimentary access to the online awards ceremonies and a programme of forward-thinking content.

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Creativity that makes history.

During the week of Cannes Lions Live, a programme of ground-breaking content will reset thinking for the year ahead. Reflecting the ways in which we have adapted creatively in recent times, we will explore the creative revolution, with new thinking for a new beginning. The content will be available on an on-demand platform, alongside the Cannes Lions Awards ceremonies, from 21-25 June 2021.

Get ready to explore the new insights, thinking and strategies uncovered from a year of using creativity to adapt, survive, and grow at Cannes Lions Live. There will be everything from freshly produced series that investigate the most pressing topics for the industry today, to curated films that explore the possibilities for the future. Alongside this, keynote speeches from the most inspiring industry leaders, and practical advice from the world’s best creatives.

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Cannes Lions Live || June 21-25 2021

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