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Opinion: Five Ways the Creative Industry Can Rebuild Through Uncertainty

What does the future of work look like for the creative industry? Stephanie Nadi Olson, founder of talent consultancy We Are Rosie, shares the ways that we can revolutionise our now outdated organisational structures - from genuinely inclusive remote working policies to teams built on ‘fixed’ and ‘flexi’ talent working side-by-side.

Opinion: Long Live the Servant Brand

The current crisis has revealed a flaw in the idea of ‘brand purpose’: it’s inherently about the brand, not the consumer. Solitaire Townsend, Co-founder of change agency Futerra, charts the pandemic-accelerated shift from the 'purposeful brand' to the ‘servant brand’.

Masks for All

How can creatives continue to innovate for the greater good with in-person collaboration no longer possible? Sometimes, innovation starts with a Zoom call. Find out how an international team made up of a creative director, roboticist and 3D print innovator created a free, accessible and ergonomically-sound 3D printable mask design in less than a week.

Togetherness, at a distance

Hear from Emile Rademeyer, Executive Creative Innovation Director at creative studio VANDAL, on how VANDAL Gallery launched the ‘Wild Hearts’ art exhibition (set up to support those devastated by recent bushfires in Australia) via a virtual opening attended by thousands.

Opinion: Telling Compelling, Relevant Stories Through User-Generated Content 

In times like these, it's important that brands' storytelling efforts don't ignore the new reality that we’re living in. Hear from entertainment company, Jukin Media, on the UGC trends seen emerging across the world – from uplifting moments celebrating frontline works to Millennial and Gen Z/ Boomer role reversals.

Small, simple ideas with big, meaningful impact

To help the world to stay safe during the current crisis, creatives and marketers are stepping up with solutions to encourage behaviour change at a massive global scale. Often, the simplest ideas are the most impactful. Find three wonderfully simple innovative ideas aiming to prompt people to adapt their behaviour – from avoiding unconscious ‘face touches’ to staying at home even while it’s sunny outside.

Opinion: Thinking Long Form – Lessons from The Lions

Luke Southern, Managing Director, DRUM, part of Omnicom Media Group and member of the 2018 Entertainment Jury, on why we need big, bold and longer form storytelling in 2020, with examples including Grand Prix winners Evert_45 for Dutch telecom company KPN and Corazón (Give Your Heart), a piece of work promoting a specialist heart hospital in New York.

Defected Virtual Festivals

One thing we’re missing from our current way of life is the joy of live experiences. Defected Records, the British label behind artists including Bob Sinclar, Purple Disco Machine and Peggy Gou, created a virtual festival for dance music lovers. Hear how it united people, caught public attention and struck the right note in a moment when people needed music the most.

Spirit Fighting Covid-19

Kyrö Distillery is a Finnish company that specialises in rye gin, rye whisky and a ‘dare and dream’ philosophy. In response to Covid-19 and the decreasing availability of hand sanitiser in Finland, the team sourced the ingredients and produced packaging to start production on a sanitiser of their own: ‘Kyrö Käsidesi’.

Handwash Jukebox

The idea for Handwash Jukebox came to creative director Daniel Bremmer in the shower, after watching a video that demonstrated how detergent molecules destroy the Covid-19 virus. What if our smart speakers could help us wash our hands for the CDC-recommended 20 seconds?

Sarawak Face Shields

When Covid-19 cases began to escalate in Malaysia, a volunteer group of 3D makers from Sibu, Bintulu and Miri started working around the clock to make 3D-printed face shields for healthcare workers in government hospitals around Sarawak. Hear how maker Alex Tong and a community of other unsung heroes came together (from a distance) to support the state with a valuable material solution.

Opinion: WE ARE Pi

What happens when the world gets begrudgingly sent home? Alex Bennett Grant, Founder & CEO of WE ARE Pi shares his thoughts on Home, Humanity and Health from Amsterdam.