President’s Playlist: Favourite Media-related Lions

Philippa Brown, CEO at PHD Worldwide and Jury President for the Media Lions for 2021 shares her top ten favourite media-related work from over the years. Within the campaigns that have really stood out, Philippa explains why they stood out and the individual successes.

Nike - AirMax Graffiti Stores - 2019

What I loved about Nike’s AirMax Graffiti stores is that it showed a unique experience connecting fans with wider urban culture. This creative-led campaign tapped into the cultural nuances of the city while combining physical and digital. In my view, this was a simple, yet brilliant idea.

Scent by Glade - 2019

This campaign demonstrated a smart partnership combined with excellent creative execution, achieving impressive results. It generated an 83% increase in sales during its first week, as well as more than 11 million impressions in the first month.

Xbox Design Lab Originals: The Fanchise Model - 2018

For me, The Fanchise Model is proof of exceptional creative work that stems from strong client/agency relationships and a mutual willingness to take risks. The campaign achieved its aim, with overall sales of customised controllers rising by 350%. What this campaign showed is that by offering consumers part of the profit, the brand profited as well.

Project 84 - 2018

This was a standout campaign of 2018 for me. The creatively led campaign put the issue of male suicide firmly on the political agenda. 22 million people saw the campaign in the UK and 400,000 people signed the online petition calling for the government to appoint a minister for suicide prevention.

Fearless Girl - 2017

Fearless Girl is one of the most iconic campaigns of all time in my view. The message of ‘Fearless Girl’ has been elevated beyond its initial purpose to become a symbol of women empowerment and gender equality. The results were outstanding bringing in four Grand Prix at Cannes Lions and seeing almost 500 companies challenged by SSGA to put more women in leadership roles.

Johnnie Walker (Blue Label) - The Gentleman’s Wager – 2015

This global integrated campaign saw a beautifully crafted playful piece of film extend far beyond its original creative. Rooted in consumer insights, this campaign demonstrated how to approach storytelling in the digital space. It was hugely successful at Cannes Lions and across the media arena.

Lego - Ad break - 2014

This multi-channel campaign showed innovation and relevancy of a media first approach. It proved so successful due to strength of the idea, the creative execution and the fortitude of the partners involved.

Nivea Sun Kids - 2014

An innovative, inspiring and effective integrated campaign led by mobile. I remember this campaign specifically for how it highlighted the power of brilliant creative thinking and smart targeting. It received critical acclaim: for the first time, Nivea Sun Kids had the top sales in its segment, with a 62 per cent increase in Rio de Janeiro.

Dove - Real Beauty Sketches – 2013

This campaign evoked emotional reactions in millions of men and women that encouraged a positive message. What really drove this campaign was the content which elicited such an intense emotional response – one of the key factors behind the video’s sharing success.

Google Voice Search – 2012

This was a pioneering and innovative campaign that helped change behaviour. Combining hyper relevant context and outdoor, the campaign saw over 150 different creative executions across 10 different outdoor formats. This is a great example of creativity activated against the backdrop of outdoor. It was a standout campaign of the year for me.