President’s Playlist: Direct Lions

Reed Collins, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy, Asia Pacific and 2021 Jury President shares his favourite work in Direct from over the years. Here, Reed offers up insights into targeted and response-driven creativity.

Burn that Ad, Burger King, David São Paulo Brazil, 2019

How do you get people to download your stupid app? Add some extra functionality that makes it worth their time. Another fun hack from BK that utilises its arch enemy to its own benefit.

Xbox Design Lab Originals: The Fanchise Model, Microsoft, McCann London 2018

While personalisation of product design is not new, making a percentage of sales from your creation is. This would have been my pick for the Grand Prix in 2018.

Payphone Bank, Tigo-Une, Grey Bogota, 2017

I just love these lo-fi analog technology ideas. Converting 13,000 pay phones into a micro savings program for the underprivileged. A practical solution for a practical world.

Brewtroleum, Heineken, BBDO Auckland, 2016

Drink more beer. Save the world. It's already funny. But add some serious commitment to the idea by the client and you have one of the year's bravest pieces of work on every level.

The Freshest, Intermarché, Marcel Paris, 2015

Sometimes a really simple inexpensive product demonstration is all it takes. Super smart use of packaging and right at the point of purchase is what makes it great.

Sorry I Spent It On Myself, Harvey Nichols, adam&eveDDB London, 2014

This is probably the one I'm most jealous of on this list. So devilishly dark and at the same time totally endearing and desirable. Who doesn't want a bag of nails from Harvey Nichols!?

Driving Dogs, SPCA, FCB Auckland, 2013

You can't teach an old dog new tricks? One of the first 'stunt' films going around proved otherwise and completely changed people’s perceptions around adopting dogs.

Small Business Saturday, American Express, M Booth New York, 2012

American Express deserves most of the credit here for what is a great business idea. Yes, it was nicely packaged and promoted but the genius all lay in creating the day itself.

Homeplus Subway Virtual Store, Tesco, Cheil Worldwide Seoul, 2011

This was so far ahead of its time and I've lost count of the imitators over the years. I can't remember another time when every retailer on the planet was left so flat-footed when this came out.

Welcome to Sandwich, PepsiCo, AMVBBDO, 2010

What a breakthrough way to get your brand's message out. Probably one of the most non-denominational executions ever. One of those hugely visible pieces of work, too.