President’s Playlist: Pharma Lions

Anne de Schweinitz, Global Managing Director, Healthcare at FleishmanHillard and President of the Pharma Lions for 2021 shares her favourite Lion-winning pieces from over the years. Here Anne considers work from pharmaceutical clients and services employing creativity in this highly regulated space.

Breath of Life | Shanghai, China

This is a piece of work that, visually, I can’t get out of my mind, but it’s so much more. Breath of Life puts the power of self-testing for COPD in the hands of everyone through an artistic, culturally in-tune and simple-to-access tool on the mobile phone. Wow. Just beautiful and important work.

Immunity Charm | New Delhi, India

The best pieces of work tackle health challenges in imaginative yet simple ways. Immunity Charm cleverly taps into a deeply rooted cultural tradition to help families and physicians protect children from infectious disease through incentivising and tracking inoculations. This work does far more than raise awareness; it overcomes societal barriers and drives real health outcomes. Bravo.

The Nazar Initiative | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This work is so simple, yet so smart. Without a common alphabet and language, how do you conduct a standard eye chart exam to check for vision impairment? This work created an eye chart from readily identifiable construction symbols to help a marginalised population get the care they need to see clearly. It’s so beautifully executed that I managed to get hold of a Nazar Initiative eye chart to frame and hang at home.

Parkinsounds | São Paulo, Brazil

I know a lot of work went into making this project happen -- starting from the scientific understanding about a key challenge in Parkinson’s Disease to securing a partnership with music streaming service Spotify. But the direct problem-solution pathway is simple here and works wonderfully. Love it.

Last Words | Mumbai, India

This draws on a sad reality that has become far more widely recognised since the COVID-10 pandemic emerged - it’s often a nurse or doctor that hears a patient’s last words, not the individual’s loved ones. But this work from a few years back brought to attention important considerations around palliative care through the voices of healthcare professionals on the front lines caring for people at the end of their lives. The voices are humble, the stories poignant and the impact powerful.

Sea Quest Hero | London, UK

This work for me epitomises creativity in scientific problem solving. Dementia researchers teamed up with gaming experts to ingeniously collect important data at scale from all of us in an effort to accelerate understanding of an insidious but widespread disease. If the execution wasn’t so well done, perhaps nobody would have noticed, but that wasn’t the case. We played, we contributed, and this piece of work did something for science that really mattered.

As Much As I Can | New York, USA

This is a beautifully conceived and executed immersive piece of work that gives voice to the real experiences of black gay men confronting HIV. I loved the use of real people, not actors, and live theatrical events to engage family, friends and the community to help connect at-risk men to care. When the insight and execution are spot on, work takes on a life of its own and endures.

This Bike Has MS | Melbourne, Australia

Many diseases are hard to understand and empathize with unless you experience the symptoms yourself. This work made the challenges of Multiple Sclerosis easy to understand through the imaginative ‘doctoring’ of a bicycle to mimic the physical symptoms of the disease. Smart advocacy, media and influencer engagement ensured that a local piece of work and a single bike made a big impact in driving awareness and support.

Men, We Are With You | London, UK

This work proclaims, “we think men are worth saving.” The campaign to drive awareness about prostate cancer in the UK feels spot on emotionally and culturally. It’s not often that a piece of work directed toward the general public can so magically incorporate Shakespeare and the everyday challenges and triumphs of modern men. Well played.