President’s Playlist: Mobile Lions

Andrew Keller, VP, Global Creative Director, Facebook, Global and Jury President of the Mobile Lions for 2021 shares ten favourite Lion-winning pieces of work from over the years. Here, Andrew considers device-driven creativity: work where a hand-held or wearable device is integral to the idea and enables key aspects of the execution.

Whopper Detour, Burger King, FCB USA, 2019

There is something so smart about this counter intuitive ploy. Yes, a free Whopper. But sending people to the competition? Giving people so much work to do? Couldn't it have been so much simpler? Of course. But we all need stories to tell. And, in this case, the seeming complexity creates a story worth telling. So on brand for the fearless and playful Burger King brand. And the results speak for themselves.

Selfiestix, Mars, BBDO Auckland, 2018

I remember seeing this work and appreciating that it was less about mobile innovation and more about mobile-first execution. Very often we get caught up in the technology of this category. I love that they brought an idea to mobile in a way that was mobile at the core in terms of behavior, but also in terms of execution. And darn funny.

Corruption Detector, Reclame Aqui, Grey São Paulo, 2018

The mobile phone is an incredible tool. Yes, we can use them for shopping. And we can use them for filters that make funny selfies. But we need tools now more than ever that empower us to make good decisions. I loved that they used augmented reality to reveal reality. And at the exact right time to make a difference.

The Swedish Number, Swedish Tourist Association, Ingo Stockholm, 2017

It's hard not to love this idea. Retro-innovation at it's finest: "Hey wait, what if we just put people in touch with people, over the phone." A brilliant lo-fi way to connect people and in the process prove just how special Sweden is.

Ice Bucket Challenge, The ALS Association, 2015

There's not much needed to say here. This epic challenge raised epic amounts of money to make epic progress on ALS. It doesn't take a room full of ad execs to create a viral sensation and make a difference. It takes a sticky action, nomination mechanics and people that are willing to share what's important to them.

Hungerithm, Mars, BBDO Melbourne, 2017

There's been so much talk about data. There's been so much talk about commerce. This idea managed to take an emotional idea and turn it into a sales driving, traffic driving retail homerun at the center of both. A simple thought: more anger requires cheaper Snickers and the technical tenacity to pull it off made this idea great.

Straight Outta, Beats By Dre, Hustle LA, 2016

This was such a brilliant piece of participation content. Adhering to the simple mantra that relevance matters most. The ability to personalise the poster and express your love for your home was enough to get it started. And the idea was open enough to let the meme machine take over and create the best executions. The crowd truly sang back on this one.

Chat Yourself, Young & Rubicam Milan, 2017

Technology can do amazing things. It has the power to connect us to other people. I love the flip here that the technology is used to connect us to ourselves. In a world where Alzheimers shows no sign of slowing down, the ability to use messengers to give sufferers and importantly caregivers a bit of control back in their life is a subtle revolution.

Share the Load, Procter & Gamble, BBDO Mumbai, 2016

This was a big moment for mobile. And an important message for men. Long, emotional and purposeful content combined with virality conspired to land 50 million views of a meaningful message in the most intimate medium, mobile.

TXTBKS, Smart Communications, DDB Makati City, 2013

With the launch of each new mobile phone, the old phones become boring and all innovation becomes directed at that new big thing. Smart found a way to reinvigorate old mobiles with new SIM cards loaded with books in the form of text to enable education across the Philippines. It was the kind of mobile innovation I could get behind. Relevant innovation serving a real need. Plain and simple and for good.