President’s Playlist: Sustainable Development Goals Lions

Eduardo Murari, VP, Global Creative Board and President & CEO, Europe, Grey and 2021 Sustainable Development Goals Lions Jury President, shares a selection of his favourite action-driven work from over the last two years. Here, Eduardo looks at work that has harnessed creativity and sought to positively impact the world.

Palau Pledge, Palau Legacy Project, Host/Havas Sydney, 2018

This piece of work promotes environmental protection in the simplest and most human way: tourists entering the island nation of Palau have to sign a pledge within the visa stamp on their passports to help the country protect its environment. A reminder that ideas don’t have to be complex or tech-led to be effective.

Nature Represented, Sambito, Grey Guayaquil, 2018

Giving nature a legal defence is an inspired way to protect an environment under threat. This piece of work, which enlisted lawyers around the world to act on behalf of Ecuador’s ecosystem, is a master class in how to harness systems to effect change.

Black Supermarket, Carrefour, Carrefour Massy, 2018

Risk-taking is what the best work is all about, as demonstrated by this campaign from Carrefour which aimed to change an unfair law by breaking it. The risk paid off and resulted in the European Parliament ratifying new organic agriculture regulations.

Destination Pride, PFLAG Canada, FCB Toronto, 2019

Reimagining the iconic rainbow Pride flag as a visual graph measuring tolerance and acceptance of the LGBTQ community in different cities and around the world was an inventive use of data and metrics for good, and succeeded in helping open people’s eyes to human rights issues around the world.

Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive, Tommy Hilfiger, Wunderman Thompson New York, 2019

The fashion world is not exactly known for its inclusivity so the launch of this disability-friendly collection from Tommy Hilfiger helped set a positive direction forward for the industry. Collections like this from designers and fashion brands help to normalize disability, while giving more visibility and empowerment to underrepresented people.

Snap Pack, Carlsberg Copenhagen, 2019

One way to help effect change is to lead by example. Carlsberg did this by becoming the first to ditch the pack rings on its multipacks and instead stick the cans together with an innovative glue, significantly reducing plastic waste with smart design.