Winning Work: Applied Creativity and Inspiration

Understand the insight, strategy and results behind the work that wins at Cannes Lions.

President's Playlist: eCommerce Lions

Tiffany Rolfe, EVP & Chief Creative Officer for R/GA and Creative eCommerce Lions President for 2021, shares her ten favourite pieces of work from the eCommerce space – including Air Max Graffiti Stores, Xbox Design Lab Originals and DO Black – the carbon limit credit card.

Innovative Sampling

How can brands apply creativity to bring people onboard with new products? Learn how to transform the old ‘try before you buy’ promotional tactics for today’s consumer. Enjoy a playful collection featuring Burger King's The Whopper Detour and Unilever's the Marmite Gene Project.

President's Playlist: Sports Lions

Ben Hartman, International Chief Client Officer for Octagon and 2021 Jury President for the Entertainment Lions for Sport shares his ten favourite pieces of sport-related work – with insights into work that uses creativity to tap into fan culture and leverage the power of sports to connect people with brands.

Invest in a Brand Character

Ten years ago, grooming brand Old Spice and its agency partner Wieden+Kennedy Portland brought us The Man Your Man Could Smell Like – an entertaining (and envy-inducing…) character who brought the brand to life. Find out how character-driven storytelling can make your brand distinctive in a collection of work including Burger King and DAVID’s Whopper Sign and Aldi and McCann Manchester’s Kevin the Carrot.

President's Playlist: Entertainment Lions

Jae Goodman, CEO of Observatory and 2021 Entertainment Jury President, shares his top ten favourite pieces of work from the Entertainment Lions over the years, with insight on why these pieces are powerful, original examples of creativity that turns content into culture.

Action on climate change

On 22 April 2020, Earth Day celebrates its 50th anniversary. While the conversation has taken something of a backseat, we can't lose sight of the climate emergency when dealing with the covid-19 pandemic. Find important insights in a collection of work that changed legislation, encouraged people to change their behaviour and offered up meaningful examples of how brands can play a vital role in climate action.

Rallying Community

During the period of self-isolation (something of a challenge to the very idea of ‘community’), we’ve seen uplifting examples of brands like LEGO and Uber Eats working to create a sense of shared spirit. Learn from recent winning work that rallied to connect to rich and diverse communities all over the world in our curated collection, featuring Nike’s Nothing Beats a Londoner and To the Last Tree Standing for Greenpeace.

Tackling Gender Violence

It’s a terrible (and often overlooked) fact that rates of domestic abuse are seeing a sharp rise while the world is under lockdown. A collection of timely examples looks back at recent work that tackled the sensitive, and often taboo, global epidemic from all angles.

Hand Hygiene

We can't avoid messaging about hand sanitisation at the moment. A bid to change mass behaviour at a challenging time. We've curated a selection of Lion-winning work from around the world that shows the power of creativity in driving human behavioural change.