Digital Craft Lions Categories

A. Form

A01. Digital Illustration & Image Design
A02. Video / Moving Image
A03. Motion Graphics Design & Animation
A04. Music / Sound Design
A05. Overall Aesthetic Design (incl. UI)
A06. UX & Journey Design
A07. Experience Design: Multi-platform
A08. Experience Design: Voice NEW

B. Content

B01. Cross-channel Storytelling
B02. Real-time Contextual Content
B03. Personalised Storytelling & Experience

C. New Realities

C01. AR / VR Utility
C02. AR / VR Immersive Storytelling

D. Data & AI

D01. Data Storytelling
D02. Real-time Usage & Targeting
D03. Data Visualisation
D04. Curation of Data
D05. AI Storytelling
D06. IA Application

E. Technology

E01. Innovative Use of Technology
E02. Native & Built-in Feature Integration
E03. Technological Achievement in Digital Craft

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