Health & Wellness Lions

The Health & Wellness Lions celebrate creativity for personal wellbeing.

Communications entered here will need to demonstrate an inspired approach to consumer healthcare; that is exceptionally engaging work which promotes non-prescription products and services, publically educates to allow self-diagnosis or facilitates pro-active personal care. All work entered in Health and Wellness has been created specifically for or by a health and personal wellbeing related brand / service. All entries must be evidence based and adhere to our principle of life changing creativity.

Health & Wellness Lions Sections

  • A. Consumer Products Promotion

    Work created to drive choice for a specific branded product that does not require prescription but provides either a meaningful health benefit or supports personal wellbeing.

    • A01 OTC Oral Medicines

      Non-prescription drugs, OTC medicines & tablets, digestive health.

    • A02 OTC Applications

      Insect repellents, skin remedies (non-cosmetic), corn treatments, wart & verruca treatments, athletes foot treatments, eye drops, ear drops, heat creams, nail treatments, foot treatments, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, mouthwash, medicated shampoo, hair loss products.

    • A03 OTC Products / Devices

      Condoms, contact lenses, prescription glasses, dental floss, adhesive plasters, heat pads, first aid kit items, orthotics, back supports, incontinence products, hearing AIDS, pregnancy tests, fertility testing kits/products, TENS machines, thermometers, drug free pain relief, other health and wellness products.

    • A04 Nutraceuticals

      Vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies, supplements, functional food, micronutrients, omega3s, antioxidants, probiotics, effervescent vitamin drinks.

    • A05 Health & Wellness Tech

      Digital products, apps, wearables and gadgets that aid a healthy lifestyle, including but not limited to fitness, diet, stress and sleep.

  • B. Health Awareness & Advocacy

    Work created for the public to promote general health awareness, encourage proactive personal care or inspire advocacy and donations for legitimate health related causes.

    • B01 Brand-led Education & Awareness

      Brand/Client funded communications to promote health awareness and encourage proactive personal care. Entries such as self-examination, anti-smoking, anti-drugs, health and hygiene information, AIDS awareness, alcohol abuse awareness, sexual health awareness, dietary information, cardio-vascular care, exercise and wellbeing. This category will also include unbranded disease awareness.

    • B02 Non-profit / Foundation-led Education & Awareness

      Public health awareness messages and non-profit cause marketing such as self-examination, anti-smoking, anti-drugs, health and hygiene information, AIDS awareness, alcohol abuse awareness, sexual health awareness, dietary information, cardio-vascular care, exercise and wellbeing.

    • B03 Fundraising & Advocacy

      Health and Wellness charity and institutions fundraising, patient advocacy (to general public), disease and condition advocacy, treatment literature, blood and organ donations, volunteers. It must be shown clearly that this is for the attention of consumers.

  • C. Health Services & Corporate Communications

    Work created to communicate a health brand/client ethos through public facing corporate image campaigns; or directly promote public health services and facilities, medical insurance and financial plans.

    • C01 Corporate Image & Communication

      Corporate image campaigns for health & wellness products, companies, producers, clinics, hospitals, retail and facilities.

    • C02 Health Services & Facilities

      Communications directly promoting consumer facilities, including: hospitals, clinics and surgeries, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, physiotherapists, opticians, optometrists, dental clinics, chiropodists, osteopaths, chiropractors, dermatologists, obstetricians & gynaecologists, cardiologists, paediatricians, plastic surgeons, urologists, endocrinologist, oncologist, nutritionists, dieticians, pharmacies, health shops, gyms, fitness & yoga studios.

    • C03 Health Services & Corporate Comms > Insurance

      Medical insurance and financial plans.

  • D. Animal Health

    • D01 Animal Health

      Pets and other animal health products and services for the attention of consumers that show a meaningful health benefit. Includes veterinary clinics and surgeries, fundraising for animal charities and facilities, animal wellbeing.

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Health & Wellness Lions Jury
Full jury announced in 2019

Shaheed Peera President

Executive Creative Director, Publicis LifeBrands, Publicis Resolute and Real Science

In 2011 Shaheed joined Publicis LifeBrands as Executive Creative Director. The youngest ever at 31 years of age.

His highlights at Publicis (so far) have been:

Helped PLB to have the agencies work celebrated at the world’s most prestigious consumer award shows - Cannes Lions, D&AD, Campaign BIG Awards, LeBook & Creative Circle (first healthcare agency in 68 years to win).

He founded ‘The Lab - A place for bright sparks’. An industry first initiative to help find talent (without a CV) into Publicis Health UK agencies.

Shaheed has had the agencies work celebrated at No.10 and No.11 Downing Street.

In his spare time he mentors various advertising schools and charities in London.

He is also Founder of The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards. Which in 5 years has raised over £65,000.000 to help underprivileged talent and diversity into health and wellness communication agencies across the world.

Past winners of the Health & Wellness Lions

Nature Represented

2018 · JOHN X HANNES for Montefiore


115,000 Americans are currently waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. Although 98% support organ donation, only 1 in 5 New Yorkers is a donor. Considering these statistics, how do you get young people to register as organ donors? You make them feel something—then make it easy to become part of the solution. Montefiore Hospital, founded in New York in 1884 on the belief that all human life is worth fighting for, saw an opportunity: move people to action through the power of film. By creating a compelling piece of entertainment, we connected a younger audience to the importance of organ donation, then made it easy for them to become part of the solution through interactive mobile technology.

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