Social & Influencer Lions Categories

A. Social & Influencer: Sectors

A01. Food & Drink
A02. Other FMCG
A03. Healthcare
A04. Consumer Durables
A05. Automotive
A06. Retail
A07. Travel
A08. Leisure
A09. Media / Entertainment
A10. Consumer Services / Business to Business
A11. Not-for-profit / Charity / Government
A12. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Corporate Image

B. Social Insights & Engagement

B01. Community Building & Management
B02. Audience Tagerting / Engagement Strategies
B03. Real-time Response
B04. Social Data & Insight
B05. Brand Storytelling
B06. Innovative Use of Community
B07. New Realities & Voice-activation

C. Influencer Marketing

C01. Organic Reach & Influence
C02. Partnerships
C03. Innovative Use of Influencers

D. Social Content Marketing

D01. Content Placement
D02. Social Film
D03. Social Film Series
D04. Co-Creation & User Generated Content
D05. Social Games
D06. Social Business & Commerce

E. Excellence in Social & Influencer

E01. Multi-platform Social Campaign
E02. Sponsorship & Brand Partnership
E03. Social Purpose

F. Culture & Context

F01. Local Brand NEW
F02. Challenger Brand NEW
F03. Single-market Campaign NEW
F04. Social Behaviour & Cultural Insight NEW
F04. Breakthrough on a Budget NEW

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