Find a place to stay

Take advantage of the best deals in Cannes, as a Cannes Lions delegate.

Cannes Lions means a chance to hang out with the global creative community. It also means that accommodation in the city is in high demand – and can be hard to come by. Luckily, we will have you covered.


We’ve partnered with trusted hotels and apartment agencies across Cannes and the surrounding area to ensure you get to pick from the best places to stay, at the best prices in Cannes. Our aim is to ensure that your stay is as pleasant and enjoyable as possible giving you the chance to rest after all the excitement that the festival provides.

This year, from 11 January, we will once again give you access to book rooms and apartments online through your account once passes have been purchased. Just click on the link on your purchased pass to access the accommodation booking system. Then find somewhere great to stay, book and pay for your rooms all online.

Book early to avoid disappointment.

Important notice on hotel and accommodation fraud

Unfortunately, there are fraudulent companies targeting Cannes Lions delegates offering non-existent accommodation. They will lure you by offering apartment and hotel rooms in Cannes and the surrounding areas at competitive prices. They target people through fake websites and/or emails mentioning Cannes Lions festival, and at times may even unofficially and illegally include our logo. We strongly urge you to take care of who you book accommodation and services through.

Cannes Lions works together with b network our trusted partner. If you book accommodation through other suppliers we recommend that you investigate whether these companies can be trusted. For example, you can run the company's URL through a 'Who Is' lookup service and see to who and where the website was registered to. Dishonest websites would tend to not have been registered for long, lack contact details and not have static addresses (using PO box addresses). We also advise that you use credit cards to guarantee and pay for rooms rather than make bank transfers as they typically offer some form of consumer protection.

Please do all you can to ensure you don't fall prey to these companies and avoid having your festival experience spoilt by these scams.

What accommodation is available?

Cannes hotel


Take your pick from a wide range of great hotels located throughout Cannes and the surrounding areas.

You can also choose from a selection of room types from simple standard rooms all the way through to luxurious suites.

If you can’t see what you’re looking for straight away, remember new rooms are released all the time.

Cannes apartment

Studios and apartments

We have an ample selection of amazing private studios and apartments to choose from that are available at prices to suit every budget. Staying in an actual home within walking distance of the Festival’s main venue is an extremely popular way to enjoy Cannes; giving you the choice to share living.

The trusted agencies that we work with offer excellent quality rental properties and a first-class service. They can also provide a concierge service, daily cleaning, personal grocery shopping, transfers and other amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Cannes villas

Luxury villas

Whether it's a beautiful villa up in the hills or city centre luxury you're after, our team will find your ideal accommodation.

Catering and event planning options are also available.