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Meet the Confirmed Start-ups

For 2017 the Discovery Zone will be home to the world's most innovative start-ups showcasing their exciting products

The Discovery Zone lies at the heart of Lions Innovation and is designed as a dedicated space to meet these game-changing start-ups to network, get advice, learn from each other and forge new relationships.

Contact us to meet the Start-ups

The following hand-picked start-ups will be at Lions Innovation, in the Discovery Zone, waiting to meet you. If you want to meet any please email robd@canneslions.com to arrange an introduction.

Confirmed companies

Innovative companies from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Monaco, Turkey, UAE, UK and the US have already signed up to be part of the programme. They include:


Advir aims to redefine the future of advertising with non-intrusive, programmatic brand placements. Our technology indexes VR and AR inventory and sells it to ad networks, giving advertisers a simple way to reach a VR audience with display, videos and 3D placements; and helping creators monetize their content in a native way. Backed by renowned investors, Advir is changing the advertising paradigm, and creating a movements against intrusive ads by leading vrarpledge.org.

Twitter | Linkedin


Under the brand Advrtas (www.advrtas.com), Outlyer Technologies is on a mission to elevate the consumer-brand relationship by inventing new ad experiences with cross kinetic intent. We do this by creating best-in-class solutions like the Advrtas Panamorphic™ Advertising Platform.  As a first-to-market ad technology, Advrtas leverages the emerging content platforms of mobile 360°, VR, AR and beyond to connect with consumers in new and more engaging ways. Now, Advrtas is proud to announce another first: the world’s premier "invite only" private marketplace - or "360PMP". Together with the Advrtas 360° centric ad creation tool and advanced analytics platform, Advrtas is the leading end-to-end emerging technology ad solution providing global distribution through programmatic channels that are already in place and available today. Powered by proprietary and patent-pending technology, Advrtas and Panamorphic Advertising are opening the door for an entirely new consumer "monomyth" and the next generation of ad engagement.

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A Million Ads

A Million Ads provides dynamic creative and personalisation for digital audio. Listeners of internet radio, music streaming and podcast services can now hear ads that are tailored specifically to them, increasing engagement and boosting brand recall.

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Apester is a global interactive content platform that provides publishers and brands with the tools to create, distribute and monetize dynamic, engaging experiences for audiences. Over 10,000 editors leverage Apester's solutions to deepen reader engagement and generate data-driven insights while advertisers are provided with enriched messaging opportunities. Apester reaches more than 116 million unique consumers monthly across 1,500 publishing partners including AOL, Huffington Post, Time Inc., Fox Sports, Forbes, Ad Age, CNET, Telegraph Media and SKY News. Founded in 2014, Apester is headquartered in New York with offices in London, Munich, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv.

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Automat is helping companies use AI to talk to their customers, understand them and serve them better. We're the first Conversational Marketing platform powered by artificial intelligence and we believe in a world where every company can have a personalized one-on-one conversation with every customer.

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Blend Media
Blend Media is the world's leading provider of 360˚ video and VR content, and through it's tech platform and creator network, simplifies the creation of 360˚ video projects for global brands, agencies and publishers.

Blend helps its customers, who include Google, Framestore, McCann, Chick-Fil-A and Volvo, engage audiences cost-effectively through access to premium 360˚ video/VR footage; the largest global network of expert immersive content creators; and Blend's proprietary 360˚ video/VR digital marketing products. It also runs the largest 360˚ videos page on Facebook globally: Facebook.com/360vidz 

Blend Media recently announced a unique partnership with Facebook to publish more premium 360˚ video on Facebook, helping to foster innovation and growth for this new immersive medium. 
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BrandEnergetics  Brand Energetics is pioneering a new use of bio-resonance technology. Traditionally used to support wellbeing, we're using it to build and enhance strong, coherent brands. Our starting point is that everything is energy. Everything has a unique frequency pattern and behind every physical structure there is an energetic one. Working with frequency and bio-resonance technology, the Brand Energetics Programme identifies the unique frequency pattern of a business or brand. Once identified this frequency can be strengthened, creating a brand that resonates with target audiences in a new way.
Burner Fitness

Burner is a marketplace for online fitness training programs. We provide the capabilities and support fitness professionals need to start, grow and monetize a scalable online business that takes their unique training methods to new customers around the world. Fitness professionals use Burner to create and sell holistic online training programs that include workouts, meditations, meals and other resources. When someone subscribes to a program, they become part of a community built around the program. We also aggregate data from fitness apps (strava etc) and wearables (fitbit etc) so that the coach and people on their program can track their progress centrally and get a complete and unified view of their overall health and fitness. Burner is used by personal trainers, athletes, sports coaches, gyms, personalities and content publishers (magazines).



Dynamic creative video ad solutions throughout the funnel, across all devices and channels. Driving sales by combining programmatic media and consumer data with proprietary VideoAI™ creative technology to automate video ad production and optimization per individual prospect in real time.

Allowing brands to speak directly to their audience on a one-to-one basis and transform video, display and social formats from branding into revenue-generating, personalized advertising tools.

Clinch is currently working with major brands and agencies worldwide across multiple verticals (e.g.: travel, eCommerce, automotive, retail, finance and more).

Twitter | LinkedIn


Cluep is an artificially intelligent mobile ad platform that targets people based on what they are sharing, how they are feeling and where they are going. Our unique platform allows marketers to segment people based on 8 different feelings towards an identified topic or brand on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, detect popular product objects, logos and brands in social media images, from cars, beverages or restaurants to hundreds of other categories and where they go in the physical world.

Since our launch we have been successfully running campaigns for over 200 plus tier one brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Wendy's, KFC, Kraft, Walmart, Nutella, Red Bull, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Lexus, Toyota, Kia, Cadillac, General Motors, Lufthansa, 20th Century Fox, H&M, Nike, Under Armour, L'Oréal, Victoria's Secret and many others.

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Codec's Content Intelligence Platform enables any company to see what content any target audience wants them to make, before they have to make it.

Brands and publishers like Unilever, L'Oreal and the BBC use Codec's technology to create content with real confidence that it will drive awareness and loyalty. Our technology uses AI and machine learning to understand the deeper meaning behind the billions of pieces of 3rd party video, image & text content that target audiences interact with, and generates intuitive recommendations that can be put to work by creatives and strategists immediately in order to develop more meaningful, more profitable relationships with these different target audiences.

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Collectionair is a curated marketplace for Contemporary Art of quality below $10,000, launched in March 2016. Set up as a collective of curators, Collectionair brings new online exhibitions to its users every week, from which they can buy the exhibited artworks in a few clicks. Through their professional eyes, our curators empower users to discover the upcoming artists they love.   All curators invited to exhibit on Collectionair come highly recommended by our board of advisors, which includes top art world professionals such as the ex-Director of the Pompidou Center in Paris, the curator of the Louis Vuitton Foundation or the Director of the Saatchi Gallery. Our collector's community is also empowered to leverage the Collectionair community to renew their collections by swapping their own artworks with other users.

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Crowdiate is an idea company. We’re on a mission to generate better ideas for brands by tapping into a global network of creatives. We first help our clients develop briefs that will inspire the best ideas and then we source concepts from our diverse and talented creative community. We curate the submissions we receive, rewarding the best entries based on simple criteria: is the idea on strategy and is the idea insanely great? We help nurture ideas through execution, with a flexible and cost-conscious approach to production. Learn more at crowdiate.com.

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Powered by Artificial Intelligence, crystal is the first virtual advisor for digital marketing, helping brands, businesses and agencies take the next step in their strategy.

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eBrandValue, a Y Combinator company, is a Business Intelligence platform for brands that leverages social data to forecast sales and provide competitive intelligence. Its unique proprietary algorithm essentially captures consumer behaviour and brand affinities using social data to identify the most effective profile changing events. It has become a de facto forecaster of sales in many industries by accurately predicting and reporting the real-time sales, ROI, brand performance and market share-impact of brands in comparison to all of their competitors.

eBrandValue enables brands to measure the efficacy and ROI of their events and campaigns, and to track and analyze influencers within their industry. It also provides Meme-Based Netnographic Segmentation which reveals the dimensions that define a brand and encapsulate the nature of social media postings in the sector, thus allowing brands to track their positioning vis-à-vis competition in real-time.

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Despite texts and emojis, people struggle to find a fun & personalized communication experience on mobile.  For people who live on messaging, and entertainment, and want to up their chat game, Emoticast is the place to go to arm yourself with the most expressive communication tools in the solar system. Unlike BitMoji & GIPHY that only offer basic visual experiences, Emoticast injects the universe of pop culture (complete with sound and music) into the users’ chat stream. Our investors are industry leaders in music, entertainment, and tech. We are busy building an awesome user experience for mobile that will bring this premium content to 3 billion plus consumers sending 50 billion messages a day across the major social messaging platforms.

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Filestage is a web application to share, review and approve videos, designs and pdf with clients and co-workers.

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Fishbowl is where you go to talk about your professional life. There are a number of places for sharing moments from your personal life. How about the other half of your day? On Fishbowl, users share moments, swap advice, vent and network with similar professionals that can relate. Since the launch of its beta this Spring, Fishbowl has quickly become a recognizable name and a pulse on what is happening within the Consulting and Advertising industries. It is seeing significant penetration at employees of Fortune 500 firms, with over 25% of Saatchi & Saatchi and Leo Burnett advertising professionals, and 30% of Deloitte and EY management consultants on the application. Fishbowl users are incredibly engaged, with the average user spending 13 minutes a day on the app, and 45% of monthly active users checking in five out seven days a week.

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Flank is an esports app that allows esports fans to follow their favourite teams and players' schedules, leagues, match statistics and relevant news, videos on their mobile. Flank also functions as a "second screen" platform, providing in-game tools for gamers which eventually help them win more games and become better on what they love!

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Fluid Ads - A technology to simply scale creative production and to dynamically optimise HTML5 ads across device, shape and language. In minutes anyone can create a suite of beautiful HTML5 ads together with A/B testing and dynamic moment storytelling to be used in the programmatic fulfilment of any size brand.

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Folyo offers a One-Stop-Shop for Out-of-Home Campaign Booking with Real-Time Impression Measurement using Mobile Carrier Data and a Facial Recognition Algorithm Folyo developed in-house. Advertisers only pay per generated Impression (CPM).

How it works? Advertisers launch, track and analyze their campaigns using the Folyo Dashboard. Ridesharing Drivers choose campaigns using the Folyo App. Folyo offers great Cross Media Integration: Clients can be re-targeted utilizing the integrated Bluetooth Beacons in the car. Advertisers can also send Direct Messages to the Drivers via the Dashboard, to have them to park or drive in high-frequented areas.

Folyo works with Ridesharing cars like Uber, Public Transport and Static Outdoor Advertising.


Gamee is a unique social gaming network that enables games to be easily playable with friends, embeddable and shareable across all social platforms. The company has jumped to 4 million monthly active users and it was one of the 10 launch partners of Facebook Instant Games, and the global launch partner for gaming in Telegram and Kik messenger.

Since launching in late 2015, Gamee has launched over 60 games with more than 500 million gameplays.

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GIVER is a mobile application for iOS and Android based on gifts, which  boosts presence in social media for the companies. Partners of the GIVER app through their campaigns can: attract targeted audience to the locations, grow brand awareness and loyalty, promote events, goods and services, improve conversion and get more "likes" on Facebook, increase citations on Facebook with the help of #hashtags. The main idea of the GIVER app is that the advertising comes from the user directly to his social media not from the company. All the process is automated.

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Globality is the first global marketplace for premium, B2B services that matches small and midsize agencies to new business opportunities with leading global brands. We use artificial-intelligence technology and in-house industry experts to help you gain new clients in markets around the world. Our simple platform with integrated project management tools makes it easy to submit proposals. With Globality, collaborating and securely transacting with clients across borders is a seamless experience. Welcome to business unbackwards.

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Gravity has invented, built and filed patents for a real Iron Man like flight suit. Our technology combines miniaturised jet-engines on hands/feet/torso with a specially designed exoskeleton/suit allowing a human to take off and fly. Our patent (pending) covers any type of engine on limbs (robotically assisted or not) to facilitate human controlled flight. We stand at the start of an extraordinary and inspirational journey to develop an entirely new human propulsion industry and have already partnered with Red Bull in a launch that will be covered globally. Within six months we will have built and engineered the world’s first commercial jet-suit, within 12 months we will have added aero-dynamic wings, within 18 months we will evolve and launch a new generation of human flight systems incorporating robotic assisted exo-skeletons for endless commercial, military and entertainment applications. Please see Lions innovation entry for a video of our founder flying.

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Greenfly is a revolutionary SaaS platform that enables companies to request content from their network of contributors, have them create that content in the partner app, review then approve, brand and post to digital platforms all within one interface. Companies can also send content to their contributors through the platform for them to share across their digital channels, including suggested text, amplifying a company's reach and profile.

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We dedicate to solve children wellness issues via IOT technologies, gamification and interactive content. Our first product, Gululu, is a three-in-one product that combines a design bottle, a healthy tracking device, and an educational game. Gululu helps children stay hydrated by caring for a virtual pet. As kids drink more water from Gululu, their virtual pet grows and makes friends, and the kids develop a healthy habit.



Hashtag'd lets brands and agencies put earned content from their consumers at the heart of their brand marketing.

What does that mean? Well, amongst other campaigns we've helped a retailer turn consumer selifies into shoppable assets. We've let a movie company integrate real-time rave social reviews into their banner ads. We've powered a popular food brand to incorporate enthusiastic feel-good photos into their digital outdoor ads. And we've partnered influencer agencies to track, reward and leverage influencer-created assets across marketing touchpoints.

Whatever the task, our versatile platform means earned content takes center stage to drive cut-through and authenticity - helping clients drive ROI and deepen connections with their consumers, whilst maintaining compliance and rights management obligations. We are proud to already work with some of the world's top brands like L'Oréal and eBay, as well as forward-thinking agencies including Publicis and Mediacom.

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Impact Squared

Impact Squared is a movement building consultancy. We work with social causes to elevate their message, motivate individuals to act and evaluate their impact. From community activation and digital strategy to program assessment, we provide a suite of services to amplify social causes. Across all of our services, we engage change agents through our partnerships with networks of young leaders. Our company is as global as the issues we work to solve. We’ve led engagements around the world with a team as diverse as our client base.

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Instapanel is reinventing focus groups by enabling marketers to send out open-ended questions to highly targeted consumer groups and capturing their responses on video. We then transcribe and sociologically tag those responses, and produce an interactive report outlining the insights found.

Our clients typically use our platform to inform and validate their creative strategies, to study customer journeys, and to market-test their content and marketing campaigns.

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We help companies to build beautiful connected B2C products with great design and user experiences. Escalating the domain expertise of the companies, together we understand customer needs, design & develop prototypes and establish the supply chain to deliver beautifully designed products.

IV.AI helps clients ideate, strategize and build customized AI that delights consumers while optimizing enterprises. The team of machine learning engineers, strategists, and creatives come from the technology world where they have helped prove the value of AI for tech. Now, every month, IV.AI parse +3.5 billion data points and release effective solutions that convert artificial intelligence into business intelligence. IV.AI are launching two new products in June - Flashlight.ai a customer service API that automates across all channels up to 96%, and the Dovetail.ai optimization engine for media companies.

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Laughly is the first and only app dedicated to streaming comedy. We offer the largest library of stand-up comedy specials from over 700 comedians providing 18,0000 hours of content. We also provide access to the largest offering of comedy podcasts providing which allows a complete audio comedy experience for fans.

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Link Big 

Join "The Frictionless Future" today by making the mobile web more personal & convenient (like mobile apps) to your consumers - with Link Big smart magical links!

Link Big has created world first "link engine optimisation" for brands & publishers to increase their AOV/ROI from their mobile assets, tailored and aligned to their business goals.

Our goal is for you to sell more, to deliver relevant content to the perfect audience and enrich your loyal consumers with personalised experience.

For example, right now brands can only have one link in their Instagram bio - leading followers to their homepage and causing high friction. Link Big’s smart bio-link solves that - by leading each follower exactly to the item they just saw, liked and want to reach.

The results? Link Big clients keep increasing their sales, seeing a traffic boost of 50%-300%, getting a CTR of 8% and multiplying their retention rate by 3X!

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Linqia brings the science and accountability of online media to influencer marketing through a results-based approach called influencer media. Linqia's AI-driven platform continuously learns and improves, matching brands with the right mix of creators who will deliver meaningful outcomes. The platform also serves as a digital content lab, where marketers can organically test and amplify the best performing influencer content to drive greater ROI from their paid, owned and earned media.

Founded in 2012, Linqia works with over 250 leading brands in the U.S. including Gerber, Herdez, Kimberly-Clark, Mezzetta, McDonald’s, NBC, Nestle, Purina, Square, Unilever, Uniqlo, Viacom and Walmart. Linqia is headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in Chicago and New York.

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LISNR is an ultrasonic audio technology - a communication protocol that uses inaudible sound, called Smart Tones™, to transmit information. 

With any LISNR-enabled software or device: Use LISNR to transmit customizable streams of data every second - enabling proximity engagement with audience measurement, seamless & secure methods of authentication, and device to device data transmission for automation and connectivity.

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Each and every day, billions of images and videos are being created which are more authentic than stock photography. But it’s time-consuming to find and source something that perfectly fits your brand, media campaign or story. That’s why we created Lobster - to do the heavy lifting for you.

Lobster is a marketplace to find and instantly license live images and videos on social media.Using pioneering AI technology, it trawls through all of the main social networks (Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Vk, YouTube, Vimeo), along with several of the largest cloud storage providers. Billions of affordable images and videos in an instant - live, unusual and so much more authentic than stock.

In real time, Lobster considers 11 different ranking factors and uses image recognition to bring you the highest calibre of search results. So whether you’re looking to source decent images for a hot trend, or some portrait video for a new campaign, you’ll find the right content in an instant.

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Lydi is expert sales assistant software. Tracking down new clients is time-consuming. So let Lydi do it for you. Using artificial intelligence and human computation, Lydi delivers targeted account lists for your unique business, plus the latest contact info for the right decision-maker. Lydi sends customized emails directly from your account to all your prospective clients. Instant Results High-quality leads arrive directly to your inbox, so you can respond right away.

Mesmerise: to have someone's attention so completely that they can't think of anything else. 

"Mesmerise" was founded by highly experienced entrepreneurs, media and tech executives to create a company that is known for spine-tingling VR experiences for leading brands globally. We believe we have an opportunity to transform the way people consume content and experiences and fire their imaginations. The people behind the company have over 100 years of global media, creative, journalism, technology and commercial experience. We will create a seamless combination of proprietary technology and creative brilliance to create valuable and engaging VR experiences.



Mintrics is a social video analytics dashboard. It lets brands, agencies and content creators analyze their video content across social media to understand exactly what's working, what's not, and why.

A lot of time, effort and money is wasted on the production and distribution of video content that doesn't work. Mintrics analyzes the performance of all of your videos across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram in one dashboard. Compare your videos against your competition and dive into reach, consumption, retention, engagement and more - all with industry benchmarks and historical data. Spend less time/money analyzing and reporting, and more creating beautiful, engaging content.

Sign up for a free account at mintrics.com, and get in touch to learn more.

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OmniVirt is a 360° Video and Virtual Reality advertising platform for advertisers, brands and publishers. Our 360 player and 360 VR Ad formats run anywhere on the web (desktop, mobile, tablet, immersive platforms etc.) and plug into existing ad servers and exchanges. We are a team of former Googlers bringing ad targeting, analytics and programmatic technology to the world of 360 VR.

We are already working with The New York Times, AOL, Vice, WSJ, Time Inc., TMZ, NatGeo and many others powering 360° video ads for their clients like: Infiniti, Cartier, Chevron, United Airlines, Caudalie, American Family, State Farm, Club Med, GE, Universal Pictures and many others. Let’s talk! Contact: fryd@omnivirt.com

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Nudge is software that helps marketers drive better business outcomes.

Content marketing today is complicated. With distributed content, multiple partners, and varying formats, teams waste time with outdated processes.

Nudge, built by marketers for marketers, addresses this gap with simple, one-stop software to organize, manage, optimize and report on native campaigns.

Nudge delivers insights in real-time through normalized metrics via a beautiful dashboard, allowing actionable intelligence to back the best content.

The platform also allows distribution optimization, industry benchmarking, attribution, and bot traffic filtering, all supported by a world class customer service team that understands the needs of modern marketers.

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ORISHINAL is a multi-platform production company and network of creators with a unique team of established producers and creative millennials, designed from the ground up for the digital world.

We believe in the power of the internet and social media to influence and create new conversations. We are changing the way brands connect with targeted audiences in Latin America.

Our team has extraordinary experience in multi-platforms and media; we've been producing high-profile films and TV series, and working at the forefront of digital technology for decades.

Orishinal has the ability to collect extensive data, so that talent can monitor their impact, strengths and weaknesses to be able to react and respond to their audiences, an advantage in attracting  brands and sponsorship  opportunities. We are connecting brands with influencers, and empowering individuals to create and share. We are obsessed in scaling the storytelling process  for both advertisers and content creators.

Based in Buenos Aires, but with a global attitude Latin America is our playground.

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Pixalate is the leading cross-device fraud protection and global intelligence platform. 

We are the inventors of the industry’s first independent Quality-based rating system to help create a safer, smarter, and more trustworthy digital ad ecosystem.

The Rating system, released monthly in the form of a Global Seller Trust Index, benchmarks the global ad supply chain by channel, platform and device.

Please visit www.pixalate.com/sellertrustindex to download your free copy.

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Placements.io is the leading revenue management system for digital publishers. Every day, Placements.io helps digital publishers increase sales, streamline operations and billing through our centralized hub and integrations. Our successful clients include Cox Media, eBay, The Chicago Tribune, Under Armour Digital, and Zillow to name a few.

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Platform360 is the world’s number one provider of Native advertising solutions. We’re unique in providing full-spectrum Native, meaning you can consolidate your Native spend with one platform.

By combining a proprietary Native-oriented AdTech stack, and a curated (ever-growing) network of publishers, we are able to reach a global audience of 1.2 billion and drive brand-safe advertising solutions that deliver meaningful results.

Our data-centric approach and Machine Learning algorithms mean there’s no waste: we’ll reach exactly your audience and we’ll constantly evaluate the success of your campaign and make adjustments in real-time.

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PowerLinks provides marketplaces, data and media trading technology powering the fastest growing sector of digital advertising, "Native Advertising", involving ads which are uniquely adapted to fit the look & feel of the pages they are served on. PowerLinks is a UK based start-up with offices in New York and Amsterdam, and a team of 20 experienced media, technology and data professionals. PowerLinks connects brands, agencies and publishers in one transparent marketplace, supporting 40 million transactions per day. PowerLinks unique "Personal Relevance Platform" helps brands to deliver content marketing and direct response messages with unparalleled relevance, resulting in more personalized user experiences and dramatically increased engagement. PowerLinks has been named as an Always On Top 250 startup for 3 years running, and the founders have been recognised among the Startups.co.uk "Young Guns" 40 under 40.

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Rabbit Pre 

When using Adobe Creative Cloud, you may find it too complicated and time-consuming, If so, RabbitPre can help you!

RabbitPre offers an entirely new solution to realize your creativity and ideas. RabbitPre has helped more than 10 million enterprises by enabling them to create HTML5 landing pages, videos, and games within 3 minutes. More than 30 million people view the content powered by RabbitPre daily. RabbitPre is also a creativity crowdsourcing platform with more than 230,000 registered creators and designers. A well-known Chinese online TV program has cooperated with RabbitPre to launch a crowdsourcing campaign, with some 3,000 creative works submitted and attracting some 20 million page views on the WeChat platform.

RabbitPre provides a unique scene-based Marketing Cloud to help brands digitize diverse marketing channels, track relevant big data and meaningfully engage the target audience.

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At Scooots, we believe in the power of marketing without boundaries. That is why we have created a unique advertising platform that can go anywhere, anytime. The future of advertising solutions, Scooots goes where no advertising platform has gone before. Bringing your brand to life, we offer a new media platform to promote your brand through backlit, LED screens. With a little help from brand ambassadors carrying the screens, your brand message may be spread with the human touch, driving consumers to online and offline retail locations. Wherever your target audience may be, we are there already. At Scooots, we believe in affordable, impactful advertising. By removing traditional constraints, Scooots can capture the attention of your consumers in a creative, and cost-effective fashion. Representing the forefront of technology in the advertising space, we provide a solution that defies the boundaries of traditional advertising methods.

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Your work is award-worthy but somehow your bottom-line isn’t enjoying the same accolades. The secret is to start with an accurate work plan and job costing. Easier said than done... until now. For the first time agencies have a tool that enables them to build and price SoWs quickly and accurately. A tool that breaks each project down into a defined set of deliverables and component tasks making it clear to both agency and client what is in/out of scope. It’s a tool that enables more of your team to successfully build, collaborate and track SoWs – perfect for expanding agencies and groups.

Excitingly, this revolutionary online tool gives you a real-time industry benchmark - called the ScopeMarkTM - with which to compare. This give clients confidence that your estimate is based on fact.

It’s a game-changer and is already enhancing the bottom-lines of agencies worldwide. It's called ScopeTM. Scope by The Virtu Group

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Sens.ai is an AI-powered social media management SaaS platform that helps musicians grow their fanbase, deepen engagement and monetize social media. Sens.ai strives to take the guesswork out of social media, so you can focus on your craft.  More than just musicians, Sens.ai is building out the platform with tools and features to support all creators, brands & individuals within the creative ecosystem. Visit trysensai.com to learn more and get on the waiting list.

Show Hows 

ShowHows is a web platform that lets brands easily create and publish beautiful visual instructions, how-tos or tutorials for their products - viewable on any device. Perfect for user guides/manuals, assembly instructions, DIY, tips/tricks, recipes - anything you do step-by-step. ShowHows help your customers help themselves - reducing support costs and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

ShowHows are both easily shareable on social media and embeddable on any website (similar to a YouTube video). ShowHows offer an alternative to the standard how-to video - allowing consumers to follow a guide at their own pace on any device (easily going forward and backward through steps) while being less expensive to produce than a good quality how-to video. The interface of ShowHows is also totally customisable to fit a brand's colours and style.


Skim Technologies

Skim Technologies is a Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing company that specialises in text summarisation and web and data extraction.

The company's proprietary APIs automate the discovery and distribution of relevant information from multiple sources including news, documents and webpages, for use within applications ranging from Media Monitoring, Risk Management, Sales Intelligence and Education. They can filter any type of open or closed data source, extract meaning and automate responses based on a desired output. The company’s unique Skim.API extracts key information from text and turns it into a summary to give you only the salient points.

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‘Situ’ arms agencies with the power to pitch, test, refine and close campaigns faster than ever before. It is an integrated VR platform that lets Creative, Media and Research agencies design immersive customer journeys, and show print, audio and video advertising ‘in-situ’. All in full 360 video environments. Features include:
- Simple, beautiful web based interface.
- The ability to identify any billboard in a 360 video and add your own creative to it. 
- Add audio to speakers in 360
- Add video to digital signage, in home TV’s, or any other screen in 360
- Guide clients through live presentations in Virtual Reality.
- Choose 360 videos from the SEER library or upload your own.
- Create ‘customer journeys’ and let the client truly experience the full campaign through the eyes of their target market.
- White label the experience for your agency.
- Tiered pricing for all types and sizes of agency.

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When Smartzer works with brands and retailers making their videos interactive and shoppable on-site, in out-stream video ads, and social media (Twitter/Blogs). This helps brands directly monetise their videos and access detailed video analytics for ROI and engagement. Our clients include Burberry x MyTheresa, Galeries Lafayette, M&S, John Lewis, Kohl's, Halston, Puma, Adidas and JD Sports.

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The Source

The Source helps marketers to discover and create stunning contents for mobile & social media at scale.

The Source provides a simple and structured marketplace to collaborate with only "la crème de la crème" of digital creators. Vertical videos, 10" videos, Cinemagraphs, stop motion... are part of their mother's tongue.

Thanks to a unique search experience, marketers get inspired by thousands of creative contents and find the right creators suitable for their needs. From there, everything is handled on the platform: assisted briefing, rights clearing, production workflow, publishing & invoicing.

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style counsel

Style Counsel is an app for women to get feedback on their outfits from other women & fashion bloggers. Users get advice on what to wear and buy, in store, online and at home.

Style Counsel monetizes through advertising and unique insight into how consumers make the decision to buy. Style Counsel's tech analog is Houzz, which connects retailers, users and experts, and is valued at $2.3bn.

Style Counsel's highly engaged and focused user-base consists of millennial women in the US & UK. It is a unique channel to test campaigns & designs, as well as to reach an audience already discussing shopping.

At Cannes Lions, Style Counsel wants to meet agencies, retailers, brands, trend forecasters, future investors and journalists.

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SUPA is a digital sensor platform for apparel. SUPA merges biometrics + extreme sports + fashion + artificial intelligence in a onesie at a dance party! Our plug-and-play API layer integrates data from SUPA sensors in apparel and curated SUPA approved devices. The SUPA sensors have a serial number and are integrated by a brand like a trim marking garments addressable IoT devices. We link them seamlessly to our SUPA APP to activate SUPA Powers. You have asthma, you know your breathing rate better than anybody else. You’ve a special SUPA Power. GenZ is the first generation we can collect enough data from to solve major health issues in the future. SUPA users are SUPA heroes and help the causes we believe in like cleaning up our oceans. GenZ are not brand loyal but mission driven. They are SUPA!

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Tanji Mobi 

Tanji is a women-founded and led social purpose startup building the first mobile ticketing app connecting audiences to women-centric content in theaters and online. Tanji activates audiences to come out when it counts most for creators - opening weekends, discover what's currently in theaters, and populates content in favorite streaming queues. Tanji also purposefully features editorial by female film critics/culture writers. Tanji is a partnership with award-winning NYC based production company, Tangerine Entertainment, which solely produces content directed by women. Tanji previewed a white-label of their app at Tribeca 2017, which is available in the Apple store and on Google Play.

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Takumi is the most active influencer network in Europe, with 1,000+ influencer posts per month. The Takumi platform makes it easy for Brands and Agencies to work effortlessly with large numbers of micro-influencers (with 1,000+ followers) on Instagram campaigns.

We have carried out over 600 brand campaigns, with over 10,000 influencer posts for over 300 Brands and Agencies. Takumi operates in UK, Germany, US, Ireland and Iceland and is continuing to expand rapidly into new countries.

Takumi provides a clearly differentiated model by being an “influencer first” managed service platform, with a focus on micro-influencers on Instagram. Through unique platform design and technology, Takumi completely eliminates the need for brands to negotiate fees with influencers, select specific influencers or approve their posts before publication, making the platform the most efficient and scalable solution for high quality influencer campaigns.

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Thunder is a creative management platform (CMP) for cross-channel digital advertising. It enables brands to personalize ads to targeted consumers. Thunder CMP is the first of its kind and powers leading global brands such as ABInBev, InterContinental Hotels Group, and Kimberly-Clark. These advertisers can now easily build massive sets of creative and content versions for different audiences, channels, and regions. Machine-assisted design enables these brands and their agencies to automate production, testing, and targeting at an unprecedented scale.

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TokyWoky is the creator of the “community chat”.

Its solution allows visitors of an ecommerce website to advise each other directly when they have questions about the website or its products.

By letting their visitors interact, TokyWoky clients:
- Create communities of ambassadors who answer customer questions 24/7
- Get real-time insights about every conversion hold-ups on their website using TokYWoky’s customer discussions analysis tool

After two years of existence, TokyWoky works with 100+ ecommerce leaders & brands in 6 countries (Sephora US, L’Oréal Paris, Carrefour, Mondelez, Lancôme, Leroy Merlin, Kiabi…).

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 Visionteractive Please check back soon for more information about Visionteractive
wayve is a creative intelligence technology platform that's changing the way the advertising industry looks at creative and media. Our platform uses powerful A.I technology to build and distribute engaging creative that automatically adapts to make the most of any ad position, on any device. We call it fluid advertising. You no longer have to build suites of banners and hope that your clients provide all the correct sizes - our platform detects the largest available size available on any site and serves an ad. This means that valuable inventory that previously wasn’t available to advertisers is now available… and the production costs related to filling all of this inventory is a fraction of the current cost. Our ad builder tool allows you to build rich and engaging HTML5 ads from raw design files in seconds.

YEAY is the first global m-commerce platform for Generation Z. It blends mobile, video and commerce seamlessly to fuel the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of Generation Z, while helping brands build a closer and more collaborative relationship with this younger and harder to reach audience.

YEAY has been global from the start. The app came out of beta in 18 languages in January 2017 and now has users across more than 160 countries. YEAY has been described as “the Snapchat of shopping” by Forbes, a “can’t miss app” by Mashable and was nominated for a Glomo Award at MWC 2017 for Best Use of Mobile for Retail, Brands & Commerce, and a 2017 Webby Award in the category of Mobile Sites & Apps: Entertainment.

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Founded in 2014, zeotap's mission is to bring the user-focused targeting capabilities of platforms like Google and facebook to the rest of the digital mobile ecosystem. Established in Berlin, zeotap was the first company to onboard European telecom operators data to make it available for digital advertisers. Since then, we've expanded globally, taking our learnings of how to handle sensitive data and expanded to work with many more valuable data partners around the world. Most recently, zeotap raised €12 million in Series B funding to further expand its partnerships and presence in the US. Today, based on best-in-class data security & data privacy, zeotap has access to one of the largest sets of unique deterministic 1st party data profiles that wasn’t accessible to the market before. We help marketers reach their ideal audience on mobile devices, at scale, easily.

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Zhimantech  Zhimatech is a leading offline data tech company in China. We help retail enterprises set up and upgrade smart business with data management and marketing services since 2013.

We focus on consumer offline data collection and refined analysis, improve business efficiency by data services. As the first inventor of Wi-Fi sensing device, Zhimatech was awarded a National Patent and 11 software licenses in China. Recently, Zhimatech is building FICUS-offline big data DMP, and now Zhimatech owns over 100,000 nodes and 700 million mobile devices, processing more than 100 million data records everyday.

Zhimatech partnered with Alibaba to innovate a smart shopping guide system based on consumer portraits. To date, Zhimatech is in partnerships with a variety of renowned brands across different industries including Tencent, China Mobile, China Telecom, Deloitte, GroupM and iPinyou.

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