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How to Cannes

Your Guide to the International Festival of Creativity

There's so much to see and do in Cannes that you won't want to waste a minute. Whether you're a Cannes veteran or a first-timer, get organised with these top tips for navigating the Festival - from us, and our delegates.


How to Cannes Planning

  • Identify and set your objectives for the week - What do you want to get out of Cannes Lions? What information and ideas do you want to bring home?
  • Plan your time and schedule - All the sessions, networking and evening events are listed here. The most up-to-date information is available in the new Cannes Lions app. Decide what you're going to use and fix on a few appointments a day. Try to give yourself walking time between locations e.g. it takes 15 minutes to walk from the Carlton hotel to the Palais.
  • Getting to Cannes - If you're travelling by air, you should know that the Nice Côte d’Azur International Airport is approximately 45 minutes from Cannes in a taxi, with a typical journey costing between €90 and €120. More info on travelling to Cannes can be found here.
  • Getting around Cannes - Taxis are available around Cannes, but most people prefer to walk - you never know who you might bump into!
  • Be smart with your tech - Pack foreign adapters and portable chargers, organise your international data plans, and don’t carry your laptop around unless absolutely necessary. A limited number of charging points are available in the Palais.
  • Remember your badge - Pick it up from the Registration area inside the Palais des Festivals from Friday 16 June - Friday 23 June, 8:00 - 20:00. You'll need photo ID and your confirmation or barcode email. Carry your badge with you at all time - it's your key for the week!


How to Cannes Well-being

  • Take care of your health - Drink water, eat good food, wear sunscreen, rest.
  • Exercise - Running along the Croisette is a popular morning activity; there may also be yoga/meditation/Tai Chi opportunities.
  • Day wear - Wear comfy shoes (don’t break in new shoes at Cannes!), dress for the heat, aim for a creative-casual look.
  • Night wear - Whilst anything goes, people tend to jazz it up a bit for awards and parties.
  • Accidents and emergencies - Trained first-aiders and medical staff will be on hand in the Palais and on the Cannes Lions Beach - please head to a 'How to Cannes' Info Point if you require non-urgent help. For emergencies, call 112.
  • Our comprehensive Health and Safety document can be found here.


How to Cannes Content

  • Consult the Festival programme - Here you’ll find all the talks, parties, awards shows and themes. You can filter by day, pass type or event to choose what you'd like to see.
  • Make use of the Festival app - It contains the digital programme, event information and more.
  • Stay up to date with Cannes Lions social media channels  - See what's happening and discuss your favourite sessions! - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WeChat
  • Choosing what to see - The Cannes Lions app 'Explore' tab organises sessions from across the Festival into areas of interest. If you're unsure where to start, start there. It's a good idea to pick a few early on to get started, but don't over commit yourself. Part of the fun is listening out for recommendations and trying things you wouldn't normally go to.
  • Head to an Awards ceremony - There are six different Awards Shows across the week, with each one dedicated to different Lions. Find out which work will be setting the benchmark for the year ahead, and celebrate with people from all corners of the creative industries. Shortlists of the work in the running for each Lion will be released ahead of the relevant Awards Show.
  • Check out 'The Work' - Head to the ground floor of the Palais where all the Awards entries are exhibited. Make sure you give yourself enough time to absorb the work while you're there. There are thousands of amazing ideas to discover. This is also your chance to meet and chat to the Awards team one-on-one.
  • Explore Cannes Lions 365 days a year - Our 'Stories' on the Cannes Lions website will keep you inspired, informed and entertained in the lead-up to, and well after, the Festival - check them out for an idea of what to expect!


How to Cannes Networking

  • Know your official Cannes Lions Networking opportunities:
  • Braindates - It's a brand new networking experience at Cannes Lions. Sponsored by Accenture Interactive and powered by E-180, it blends smart technology with in-person introductions to help you find like-minded people to share knowledge and ideas.
  • Meet Ups - Curated networking sessions centered around specific themes and hosted by industry experts.
  • How to Cannes tours - In the first few days of the Festival members of our team will show you round the main venues to help you get your bearings. It's a great way to meet other first-timers.
  • Connections Beach - Between 17:30 and 19:30, Sunday to Friday head to the beach right beside the Palais for free drinks and networking with other delegates.
  • Delegate Listing - Click here to see the 2017 delegate list.
  • Festival representatives - Contact your Festival reps before the Festival to find out who’s coming from your country.


How to Cannes Entertainment

  • Hotel and Harbour Access - Please be aware that there are new guidelines in 2017 for accessing the Palace Hotels along the Croisette and the Quai D’Honneur harbour area - comprehensive information about hotel and harbour access can be found here.
  • Partying - Be sure to check out the legendary official Opening and Closing Galas - there'll also be hundreds of parties and dinners on (some invite only), so check Festival social media, make your own contacts and keep an ear to the ground for what's going on.
  • The Festival Fringe - Beyond the Palais, your delegate badge is your ticket to hundreds of fringe events, from beach-side parties to intimate panels, so take it everywhere. Remember that security is tight, so no badge, no entry!
  • Cabana Town - Check out the beachfront rows of Cabanas lining the Croisette, where the likes of Hulu, Unilever and NBC Universal set up shop.
  • Where to eat/drink - Google is your friend here, but some delegate favourites include: Caffé Roma (quick lunches), Carlton Hotel (rosé and networking), "Gutter Bar" (drinking and socialising), Facebook/Google/Twitter beach (daytime smoothies and juices), and The Old Town (sit-down traditional dinners).

If you've got advice for 'How to Cannes', please share your own top tips on social media using the hashtag #howtocannes. And be sure to check out our FAQ page for any questions that might not already be answered. If there is anything you are still unsure about after reading this guide, then please don't hesitate to send your questions to howtocannes@canneslions.com.

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