Some people wait for change

others make it happen

Introducing the second annual Cannes Lions Change for Good Hackathon

With the Earth Day Network and the Earth Challenge 2020 initiative

What is the 'Change for Good' Hackathon?

The power to change the future - of creativity, of products and marketing, and of our world - is in our hands. In 2018, Amazon and Huge focused on helping people by creating solutions for the non-profit organization Global Citizen that used technology to further worldwide efforts to end global problems such as poverty and gender inequality.

This year we're turning our attention to our only home, whose health will crucially define whether current and future generations will thrive, let alone survive: planet Earth.

Amazon and Huge are bringing the 'Change for Good' Hackathon to Cannes 2019 and, working with Earth Day Network and the Earth Challenge 2020 global citizen science initiative, we will bring together creatives and technologists from across the globe to tackle the world's most pressing environmental issues including: air quality, water quality, biodiversity, pollution and human health.

Six teams, six solutions

Six selected teams will be challenged with ideating and creating technical solutions and complementary creative campaigns, that mobilize global citizens to contribute to, understand, share and act on data, to tackle some of the world's most pressing environment challengers through citizen science. These solutions will use technology applications, potentially ranging from mobile apps, to low-cost sensors or other accessible hardware. Solutions may focus on one or more of six Earth Challenge 2020 research questions, including:

  1. What's in my drinking water?
  2. How does air quality vary locally?
  3. What are the local impacts of climate change?
  4. How are insect populations changing?
  5. What is the extent of plastic pollution?
  6. Is my food supply sustainable?

Hack with experts

Teams will be supported by Amazon technologists, citizen scientists, engineers, global influencers and creatives from Huge. A judging panel composed of data scientists, non-profit environmental organizations, and influential creatives in the industry will help select the winners.

The Change for Good Hackathon will be held at this year's Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity from 17 - 21 June. Winners will be recognised in Cannes Lions promotions and honored on the Main Stage on the final day of the Festival.

Applications for the Hack have now closed

Selected teams will be notified by 31 May.

Application Requirements

  • Teams must include a diverse representation of background including at least one creative, one strategist, and one technologist.
  • Teams must include at least one Young Lion delegate (less than 30 years of age at the time of the competition).
  • Teams may be comprised of members across multiple agencies, but must denote the company that is officially entering the competition and whom will be the main point of contact.

We suggest that teams prepare their ideas in advance, but all pitches and solution POCs (proof of concepts) must be built on-the-ground during the Campaign and Hackathon Challenge. The campaign for the winning idea/Team must launch by September 30, 2019, with the explicit collaboration and approval of EDN, and is required to utilize both Amazon Alexa and AWS technologies (inclusive of some combination of S3, Amazon ML, AWS IoT, and/or AWS AR/VR). We also encourage all teams to incorporate Amazon Pay into their solutions and Alexa Skills, however, only the winning team will be required and able to leverage the technology to solicit donations for Earth Day Network.

Earth Day Network, Earth Day 2020, and the Earth Challenge 2020 are trademarked and cannot be used without express, written permission.