The Cannes Creative Leaders Programme

€7,990 + TVA

Designed in partnership with the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, the programme helps creative leaders transform challenges into opportunities, successfully leading a team towards creative excellence and making even bigger impact.

It brings together creative minds to take on some of the most important challenges facing the industry today, and to craft together new ways to drive revenue and growth.

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You'll learn about:

  • The paradigm shifts taking place in the way value is being captured and consumed.
  • Potential new client relationships and the impact that will have on current business models - in particular 'client centricity' and 'leading client experience'.
  • Robust tools and techniques for understanding client business, and strategy.
  • How to problem solve effectively to discover root causes of business issues.
  • A deep dive into reference case studies and their own current business challenges.
  • New skill sets to lead their own and client organisations on new transformational journeys.
  • How to build a client relationship strategy to take back to the workplace.

Who is it for?

This programme is tailor-made for agency, consultancy, and corporate leaders – or even better, suppliers and clients together – who want to gain a better and more creative understanding of the state of brand experience today. The programme content is built on the foundations of creative business leadership that drive client-centricity from both a creative and organisational perspective.

Course Focus

For 2019, the CCLP will continue to reflect and enable leadership of current and future challenges, with a specific focus on leading brand experience: connecting the dots between brand culture, client centricity, and creative leadership.

As technologies, work practices and social shifts provide new and more engaging ways to interact with clients and customers, what is the impact on leadership practice? How can creative business leaders connect the dots between strategy, technology and creative environments, to liberate and capture greater value in every experience?

What you'll learn

By practicing with robust tools and techniques, and exploring case studies and their own current business challenges, participants will learn how to problem-solve to discover the causes of business issues.

You'll develop an effective skillsets to lead you organisation and clients on transformational journeys, based on optimised relationship and experience roadmaps produced during the programme.

"The Cannes Creative Leadership Program was an immersive experience. I never thought a programme could be so engaging, relevant, inspiring and eye opening!"

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