The Cannes Creative Leaders Programme

€7,150 + TVA: Early bird until 31/1/20
€8,150 + TVA: Full rate after 31/1/20

Since 2010, Cannes Lions has teamed up with the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, and together, we’ve created life-long learning experiences for more than 150 amazing creative minds from over 25 countries. This intensive and exclusive nine-day leadership programme helps creative leaders transform challenges into opportunities, successfully leading a team towards creative excellence and making even greater, more sustained impact.

The programme enables participants to turn every festival moment into a chance to strengthen their skillsets, to build creative solutions for their business’ future, and to craft together new ways to drive revenue and growth.

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You'll learn about:

  • The paradigm shifts taking place in the way value is being captured and consumed.
  • Potential new client relationships and the impact that will have on current business models - in particular 'client centricity' and 'leading client experience'.
  • Robust tools and techniques for understanding client business, and strategy.
  • How to problem solve effectively to discover root causes of business issues.
  • A deep dive into reference case studies and their own current business challenges.
  • New skill sets to lead their own and client organisations on new transformational journeys.
  • How to build a client relationship strategy to take back to the workplace.

Who is it for?

This programme is tailor-made for agency, consultancy, and corporate leaders who want to gain a better understanding of how to leverage data insights creatively.

Course Focus

For 2020, the CCLP will focus on the big strategic challenge facing agencies, brands, client-side marketers and entrepreneurs alike, which is how to utilise creativity to seek truth in times of ambiguity. With everything in constant motion, changing rapidly, business leaders must seek out the true purpose of their brand, the value they offer their customers and the real insights behind what data is truly telling us.

By now, you've probably heard the phrase, "data is the new oil" – the precious resource fuelling the way we consume, communicate and do business. As data paves the way for more advance analytics, automation and artificial intelligence, we're investigating its relationship with creativity. Is data the killer of human creativity or does it empower us to offer more effective, empathetic and engaging solutions? What is the impact on leadership practice and how does it enable us to demonstrate greater and more sustainable value for our clients and customers?

What you'll learn

CCLP participants will learn meaningful ways to harness creativity through leveraging data insights.

After working on their own business challenges throughout the festival, participants will return to work equipped with a new mindset, skillset and the confidence to make strategic decisions in 2020 and beyond.

"The Cannes Creative Leadership Program was an immersive experience. I never thought a programme could be so engaging, relevant, inspiring and eye opening!"

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