The Cannes Lions Educators Summit 2020

Focusing on the next generation of talent today

85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 haven't been invented yet. For those with the enormous responsibility to educate the next generation, the Educators Summit helps to bridge the growing disconnect between education and industry.

Our goal is to build a global learning community that connects educators and professionals with the leading voices in creativity to benefit the next generation of talent.

By aligning academia and the industry onsite at Cannes Lions, we encouraged Professors to update their curricula with the Festivals content. By learning from the best in the industry, students will be better prepared to enter the modern workplace and one day may be future Lions winners.

"A can't-miss for anyone teaching in the brand communication space. Connecting to current best practices will be shocking - be prepared - but also inspiring. Connects you directly with those who are either hiring for or transforming the field."

Tom Reichart

Dean at the University of South Carolina

How it works

The Summit enables educators to keep pace with industry change. This is a chance to build new, better curricula out of the most relevant content on offer at this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Educators can future-proof their courses and their graduates, with thought-leadership, lessons and insights to take back to their classrooms.

Over 300 inspiring and original content sessions are presented across the five days of the Festival. Educators work collaboratively – watching as many sessions as possible, recording and sharing their notes.

A bespoke agenda is curated with exclusive networking sessions with key industry partners. The week concludes with a half-day summit on Friday 26 June, with tailored content programme. Post-Festival, educators can watch sessions in full using our digital platform and update their curricula based on the sessions that are most relevant to the course they teach.

Summit focus areas for academia, the industry & talent

  • Preparing graduates to be ‘job’ ready
  • How to incorporate Cannes Lions content into a curricula
  • How to source guest speakers and internship opportunities
  • Identifying the hard/soft skills required in graduates
  • How to spot talent and where you source it
  • Why you should commit to providing speakers and content to universities
  • What do you expect of future employers
  • What a modern portfolio looks like
  • How to prepare for a career in the industry

"Great to be part of the most genuine and forward looking conversation about the future of creativity and the creative industry at Cannes Lions with other educators"

Joakim Thulin

Head of Insight at Berghs School of Communication

Who should attend?

Full-time educators running courses that cover advertising, graphic design, social, PR, marketing, media, technology.

Professors, Heads of Courses, Department Directors, Programme Directors, Director of Curriculum Developments etc

Course Moderator

The Educator Summit is hosted onsite in partnership with past educators who have attended the Festival. The week is moderated by Karen Freberg, Associate Professor in Strategic Communication at the University of Louisville. Karen focuses her research and teaching in public relations and social media, and is the author of the new SAGE social media textbook ‘Social media for strategic communication: Creative strategies and research based applications’.

It was following Karen’s visit to Cannes Lions in 2017, the realisation that the content presented was throughout the week was perfect to update education curricula’s and so the Educators Summit was conceived.

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