Chinese CMO Master Programme

The Chinese CMO Master Programme, curated and delivered by The Marketing Academy in partnership with Cannes Lions and ran for the first time in 2018, and is the first official CMO training programme by the Cannes Lions targeted at Chinese marketers.

In 2019, during the 2-day course, 20 executives from world-renowned multinational brands, consultancy companies, agencies, and other organizations have been invited by The Marketing Academy as lecturers to share their insights on the synergy of marketing and company strategies, discuss how Chinese brands can respond to changes in consumption upgrade and how to work with the globalization of market.

The core issues for Chinese brand marketing

  • How does the brand achieve consistency across different markets and implement localized development at the same time?

  • How do we communicate at a deeper level with younger consumers and gain their favourable attention?
  • How does CMO empower staff and partners to achieve continued performance improvements driven by marketing?
  • How does CMO promote the growth of corporate social values and economic values at the same time?

  • How does CMO promote the alignment of brand marketing with the corporate strategy?

Brands and Cases


Country Garden: Super Tongue

Created by iFeng and Country Garden, it is a discussion television program first in China catered to young, international, and socially conscious individuals. 48 elite debaters from around the world debated on topics ranging from popular culture, socioeconomics, and technologies of the future. The achievements and contributions of Country Garden in the fields of smart technology, poverty alleviation, education support, and other areas are included in the customized content of the program which has successfully improved the brand’s image.


Yili Ark: Brave Babe

This project is a child sexual abuse awareness project run jointly by iFeng, the Girls’ Protection Fund, and Yili Ark. The “Brave Babe” is a smart interactive poster created for this project which gives different audio warnings when different parts of the doll is touched. This encourages children to imitate it and learn, and enables children to remember and learn self-protection awareness via repetition, and helps them develop healthily and happily.

The Cooperative Brands

Country Garden: A pioneer in China’s new model urbanization and a builder of green and smart global cities.

Huiyuan Group: A full fruity juice industry supply chain group from China whose subsidiary, Huiyuan Juice, is China's leading fruity juice producer.

Jian Nan Chun: Jian Nan Chun has over 1,500 years of history, and was the designated imperial spirit of the Tang dynasty. Today, it is a famous Chinese liquor enjoyed by modern elites.

Moutai Group: Kweichow Moutai is the originator of the sauce aroma type baijiu in China, and is one of the world’s three greatest distilled alcohols.

SAP: SAP is the leader in global enterprise management software and solutions technology and also the market leader.

Creative and Interactive Group (CIG): Established in December 2002, CIG is a provider of professional digital marketing solutions for the automotive industry.

Yili Group: China’s largest dairy company. It is also Asia’s number 1 dairy company and amongst the world’s top.

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