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If you’re preparing your entry to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2022, take a look as we break down recent pieces of Lion-winning work that pushed business, society and creativity forward to inspire the work you submit. Whether you’re entering Cannes Lions for the first time, or you’re a veteran checking out what’s changed – start your journey today with moments of creativity that moved the world.

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Breakdown   |  FKA twigs, Doomsday Entertainment x sad day

Join us as we break down the story behind FKA twigs + Doomsday Entertainment’s ‘sad day’ - an exploration into the complexities of an enigmatic and addictive cycle of love and loss through the hypnotic art of Wushu.

Co-conceived by director Hiro Murai and FKA twigs, starring Teake, "sad day" is a cinematographically salient musical film that occupies an elastic space between narrative filmmaking and performance art.

Three years prior to the film, Twigs began training in the Chinese martial art of Wushu under the guidance of Master Wu of the Shaolin Wushu Centre.

Everything I’ve previously done with my body, all the training and dancing, has led to this point.”
FKA twigs

Twigs and her co-star Teake rehearsed their fight choreography over a matter of days and then principal filming took place for two days the same week. We follow FKA twigs on the empty backstreets of London as evening solitary walk turns to sword-wielding stances.

The co-star of this short - Teake was cast via social media and the two culminate in a surrealist Wushu sequence where Twigs is sliced in half with a samurai sword symbolising the torment, melancholy and isolation of love and toxic relationships.

The music video premiered on Cake FX (via Hulu) and garnered over 1.5 million views on YouTube. It was shortlisted for an Excellence in Music Lion. Twigs is now adapting it into a TV series centred around being an outsider striving to fit in.


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Moments That Moved The World.

Shutter Ads  |  Heineken

What could an international beer brand do to help closed bars open again?

During the lockdown period, 60% of bars were threatened with permanent closure and globally shutters came down.

Heineken had the solution. They used shutters of the most famous and loved bars around the world.


OOH, that’s good

Shutter Ads meant Heineken could stretch their OOH budget and earn significant PR attention for both themselves and the bars. Amstel and Cruzcampo - other Heineken owned brands, joined the initiative to support bars and even others such as Guinness and Paulaner adopted the idea, united for the love of bars as social and safe-havens.

Pitcher perfect

What started out as a helpful initiative, became a new, sustainable platform in the time and space it was needed most, with more bars joining every week. From Buenos Aires to Barcelona, from Rosario to Berlin, more than 5000 bars benefitted from over 7.5 million Euros paid directly to them to create Shutter Ads and 100% of the venues that took part in the initiative reopened after the lockdowns were over.


That was Heineken’s moment to help in a time of crisis. This is yours.

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Moments That Moved The World.

Ela  |  Santander

Can creative brands drive progress in complex equality issues?

Women-owned businesses are more likely to honour their financial commitments in Brazil. They’re also 21% more likely to perform above average. Despite this, they still get offered less credit from banks. And earn 32% less than men.

As International Women's Day approaches, many creative brands and organisations will be exploring topics of equality. 

Consider how Santander and YMLY&R Brazil São Paulo created progress and met business objectives by choosing to put their media budget where their mouth is.


Brands have more power than you might think.

On International Women’s Day 2019, Santander and YMLY&R Brazil São Paulo abandoned a $250,000 media budget.

Instead, they used the moment to create Ela – a new line of credit for micro-entrepreneurs, exclusively for women. Using a cross-analysis of gender and location data, they used the moment to locate the women micro-entrepreneurs of Brazil and offer them, and only them, the best credit rates in history.


Direct line for women.

Alongside a direct line of credit, Santander also created a direct line of communication. Women micro-entrepreneurs were reached with a simple text message to offer their line of credit. From there, though it was typical in Brazil for banks to ask women about their husband’s job or income, Santander Ela customer support staff were trained to take interest solely in the woman's payment history.


These actions drove change.

  • 100,000 women joined Santander Ela on the campaign launch day.
  • 35% had never engaged with Santander before.
  • All funds available were lent out within a week.
  • The number of women borrowing from the bank doubled from 20% to 44%.

And award-winning results

The work earned them a Bronze Lion in Creative Business Transformation under the category of Business Design & Operations. It was also shortlisted for Targeting, insights & personalisation.


That was Santander’s moment to move equality forward. This is yours.

Submissions for Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity are open.


Moments That Moved The World.

Looop  |  H&M

Green-washing is a hot topic on industry lips this week. Whilst the world lends a cynical eye to the current trend of sustainability-based comms, there are still examples of brand work that leads the way in this field – producing measurable progress against a worldwide dilemma.

Join us for a moment to consider how Looop, H&M’s global in-store recycling system helped to move sustainability in the fashion space forward – with transparency.

By designing an experience that persuaded customers to recycle preloved garments, rather than dictating to them, they won the 2021 Grand Prix in Design.

Here’s exactly how they got there.

H&M  |  Looop

87% of clothes end up in landfill.

A significant proportion of this waste is caused by human behaviour. Right now, the focus is on creatives to encourage sustainable consumption to meet both consumer demand and the green regulations of governments. But what does that really look like in practice?


“Getting customers on board is key to achieving real change.”

Pascal Brun

Head of Sustainability at H&M

H&M  |  Looop


H&M were the first fashion retailer to offer an in-store recycling program globally.

In 2021 they accelerated their position as sustainable leaders in the fashion space by creating an immersive experience that celebrated the craft and process of their recycling technology. Not just the end product.

H&M  |  Looop

Old into brand new.

Through an intuitive app customers enter their clothing size, before selecting 1 of 8 ready-to-wear designs for Looop to recycle their preloved garment into.

The process is transparent (a position reflected by its glass design) allowing its users to truly see the minimal environmental impact from beginning to end – cultivating the desire to recycle, rather than demanding it.

H&M | Looop case film


All eight steps of the process are depicted at a macro-level via beautifully animated
‘Looops’ that come to life as you walk by. ASMR sound showers enrich the animations,
creating a truly immersive and sensory experience.

In every way, H&M’s customers could see – and decide – for themselves.

That was H&M’s moment to move the fashion space forward. This is yours. 

Submissions for Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity are open.

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Moments That Moved The World.

Act for Food

When they realised they were part of the problem, Carrefour created Act for Food a strategic and creative platform that impacts the entire value chain of the food company, from the way products are manufactured to the welfare of animals and production of organic vegetables.


Xbox | The Birth of Gaming Tourism

Xbox merged with one of the world’s leading travel publishers, Rough Guides and created The Rough Guide to Xbox – the first travel guide for virtual worlds. They utilised rich graphics, immersive alter-universes and jaw-dropping landmarks and users were able to embark on expeditions from the comfort of their own homes.


Warner Bros | Saylists

The age group most likely to have a Speech Sound Disorder (SSD) are young people. Apple Music teamed up with Warner Music to analyse over 70 million songs and pick out repeated vocalisations to produce Saylists so kids could polish difficult sounds with songs.

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