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Careers In The Making

An exploration of remarkable creative journeys

Every delegate deserves their moment at the world’s biggest celebration of creativity. For our ‘Careers in the Making’ series, we’re shining the spotlight on some of the Festival’s most inspiring creative journeys.

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Vincent Bragg, ConCreates

Creativity can thrive in the most difficult of circumstances. Vincent Bragg is living proof of that. He started his creative agency, ConCreates, whilst serving time in prison and his team of radical thinkers draws on incarcerated men and women, and former inmates.

Vincent's story
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Zoe Fox, Podcaster, writer

Creative excellence will find a way to break through adversity. Against the odds, Zoe Fox inspires women to find their true potential through creativity – all the while living with a spinal cord injury that changed her life forever at the start of the pandemic.

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Çağla Büyükkoç Sütlüoğlu, Walrus Creative Works

Creativity is at its best with humanity at its core. Çağla Büyükkoç Sütlüoğlu draws on a childlike curiosity as she advocates for mental health positivity in the industry. She shared her story of kindness as part of the See It Be It cohort at Cannes Lions 2023.

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Sameer Ali, Adcom Leo Burnett

Having won a LIONS Scholarship, Sameer Ali's passion for gaming and design has taken him from Karachi to the Cannes Lions Creative Academy. After losing his father at an early age and being raised by his steadfast mother, he is inspired when his work contributes to the empowerment of women.

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Grace Lokako, Logitech

When creativity and technology combine, progress comes easily. Grace Lokako discusses what it means to be part of Cannes Lions on a scholarship – and how she’ll use what she’s learned back home in Switzerland, to further her initiative to address the gender gap in tech.

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