A CMO Growth Council Priority

Focusing on how business growth must revolve around the customer and marketers must orchestrate the desired brand experience as value-exchange across the enterprise.

The mission

Deliver playbooks to help CMOs optimise the human relationships that are immediate, seamless, responsive and authentic between consumers and the most important brands in their lives.


Reframe marketing, marketing organisations, and the role of the CMO, to deliver holistic experiential pathways that bond consumers with brands.

Establish clear linkage of marketing’s impact on business growth as the relationships between companies and consumers become increasingly more connected, creating more touchpoints throughout their experience with brands.

Optimise the ultimate role of the brand and value it creates.


  1. Define “customer experience” and its linkage to business and brand growth.
  2. Reframe the role of CMO as chief customer/consumer officer, with responsibility that extends beyond traditional marketing and links customer relationships with brand value
  3. Identify the common KPIs that link total brand experience to business growth, gain buy-in from C-Suite and the Street
  4. Establish a peer-sharing community that will develop optimal practices which evolve as technologies and innovation push the possibilities for “experience”
  5. Create playbooks for organisations to assess themselves against universally recognised best practice

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