A CMO Growth Council Priority

Aiming to turn the marketing function into an engine of innovation and creativity that drives business growth.

The mission

Develop a “gold standard” for innovation as a permanent, imbedded capability within the marketing function. The global community of CMOs will steer the direction of innovation and creativity to advance the industry’s future that directly aligns with business growth.


Establish a gold standard for how innovation and creativity are ingrained within the modern marketing function in a way that demonstrates clear linkage to business growth

Enable CMOs around the world to embed the processes, capabilities and best practice that elevate innovation and creativity inside their marketing functions.


  1. Electrify future-focused pathways to leverage innovations like AI, 5G, VR, block chain and so on
  2. Create a central system for curating, accessing and distributing industry excellence and real-time advancements that will provide CMOs with the tools necessary to elevate innovation and creativity in their organisations
  3. Create playbook(s) and accompanying resources that will help CMOs structure their organisations as engines of innovation and creativity that drive business growth for the enterprise
  4. Curate a library of world-class, effective creative and innovative case histories, developed for CMOs

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