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The State Of Creativity Today: The Essential Digest

Presented by Charlotte Williams, VP Content, LIONS

Recorded on Tuesday, 6 April 2021

We share the most pertinent findings for marketers from LIONS’ official State of Creativity research project. In our largest study to date with the most senior members of the creative community we hone in on how brands are using creativity in their growth strategies today. What are the key challenges common to all brands? What opportunities are the world’s biggest advertisers focusing on? And what creative tools and tactics are brands employing to drive creative success in 2021. We reveal the answers, delve into the analysis and discuss how brands can augment their creative endeavours in 2021.


The Rhythm Of Life Is Disruption

Presented by J. Walker Smith, Chief Knowledge Officer, Kantar Consulting

Recorded on Tuesday 6 April 2021

The pandemic has been a practice year for the future. After a long period of relative 'moderation,' the year of unpredictability has brought into view that disruptions are the future. Discontinuities will be a feature of the marketplace ahead, not the exception. What will stick following the pandemic will be determined as much by future volatility as by the dislocations of the pandemic itself. In this presentation, Kantar Consulting Chief Knowledge Officer J. Walker Smith will provide a view of the consumer habits that will endure and the strong growth opportunities they will unlock, as well as a framework for understanding what will be new and what will not be new as we settle into life post-COVID.


Adapting To The New Consumer Landscape: A Creative Case Study

Presented by Maud Meijboom-van Wel, Brand Director, Heineken

Recorded on Tuesday 6 April 2021

We hear from a brand leader whose work has been identified as one of the top creatively effective campaigns in Kantar’s Ad Effectiveness Study. They explore how they kept abreast of the changing consumer landscape to deduce unique data and insights that fueled this original idea leading to new and successful creative endeavours.


Shoppable Storytelling: How To Drive Creative Impact In 2021

Presented by David Tiltman, Head of Content, WARC

Recorded on Wednesday, 7 April 2021

As organisations pivot to e-commerce, where are the new opportunities to build brands and drive sales? WARC looks at changes in the market over the past 12 months, and some emerging trends in creative effectiveness they are seeing as a result.


Unlocking Creativity: Lessons On How To Unleash Creativity Within Your Teams

Presented by Jim Stengel, President and CEO, The Jim Stengel Company

Recorded on Wednesday, 7 April 2021

This conversation will explore what CMO’s can do to unlock more creativity within their teams and in how they work with their agency partners. We will learn what works to create safe environments that enable risk-taking. We will review the skills that need to be developed for the future of creativity and we will explore what COVID-19 has taught us about unlocking creativity.


Transition is the new normal: How To Make The Most Of Internal Teams And When To Outsource

Presented by Heather Dumford, SVP, MediaLink & Sosti Ropaitis, SVP, MediaLink

Recorded on Thursday 8 April 2021

COVID-19 has not only been a significant accelerant of trends and behaviors that have shaped consumer expectations, but it has also forced brands to transform their business and redefine their marketing playbook. In this age of transformation, traditional models are falling short, giving rise to in-sourced solutions that have become more valuable as a volatile economy calls for greater agility, flexibility and creativity at a breakneck speed--something that traditional agency models were not designed to do without significant cost implications. The brands that have spent the time to build internal capabilities across marketing and media have many times proven to be best positioned for success. But when does it make sense to leverage outside perspectives? In this session MediaLink will share insights and approaches to help brand marketers make informed decisions as they design sustainable working models for their businesses.


Build Back Better: How Marketers Should Adapt for 2021

Panel with Charissa Messer, SVP, In-House Creative Agency Executive, Bank of America and Janice Tennant, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Merrell
Moderated by Nick Primola, EVP, Association of National Advertisers and Fiorenza Plinio, Global Head of Creative Excellence

Recorded on Thursday 8 April 2021

Unpacking the learnings from all of the sessions in this interactive session LIONS and the ANA will explore what marketers are doing to align the marketing function across the company and embed practices that help brands build back better - including upskilling and retaining creative teams. You will hear brand leaders discussing their practical experience on the new working models and processes they're employing and have the chance to share and debate further best practice with your peers through interactive discussion.

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CMO Accelerator: CMOs discuss their biggest business challenge with Jim Stengel

Presented by Jim Stengel, President and CEO of The Jim Stengel Company and Steve Latham, Head of Talent & Training, LIONS

Recorded on Monday, 7 December 2020

Launched by LIONS in 2013, the CMO Accelerator Programme is led by Jim Stengel, ex-Global Marketing Officer at P&G. In this highly interactive session, CMOs share their biggest business challenges and Jim provides insights on how he would tackle them and asks the audience to contribute with their thoughts and opinions.


How CMOs Can Create Long-Term Value – Not Just More Change – in the Midst of Intense Upheaval

Presented by Andrea Redniss, MediaLink Executive Vice President

Recorded on Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Lots of things were meant to be left behind in 2020, and that includes the idea of traditional agency reviews. Instead, modern brands are better served to focus their efforts on transforming their organizations and partnerships and re-framing ideas around what it means to create value. This session outlines how brands should think about reevaluating their resources, capabilities, processes, partners and structures in reaction to a consumer landscape that looks entirely different from nine months ago.


Revolutionise Marketing as B4H: ‘Brands for Humans’ 

Presented by Nick Primola, EVP, Industry Leadership and CMO Practice, ANA, and Fiorenza Plinio, Global Head of Creative Excellence, LIONS

Recorded on Wednesday, 9 December 2020

In this session, Nick Primola, EVP, Industry Leadership and CMO Practice, ANA and Fiorenza Plinio, Global Head of Creative Excellence, LIONS, are joined by special guests to discuss for the first time with the wider community of brand marketers one of the main mandates of the Global CMO Growth Council for 2021 and beyond, which is to formally shift how the role of marketing is defined: from B2B or B2C to BH4, ‘Brands for Humans’.


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Defining the Marketing Agenda Together

Hosted by Jim Stengel, Founder, The Jim Stengel Company and Nick Primola, EVP, ANA

Recorded on Monday, 22 June 2020

Jim Stengel and Nick Primola lead this interactive session inviting participants to share insights and experiences on the challenges and opportunities ahead. As convener of the CMO Growth Council Nick has worked closely with a cohort of the world's most powerful marketers as they set and tackle key industry priorities. Jim left his role as CMO of the world's biggest marketer to help companies all over the world create quantifiable business change through purpose. Together they invite this group to lean into this moment and set the agenda for marketing.


Anatomy of Effectiveness

Presented by David Tiltman, VP, Content, WARC followed by Live Q&A

Recorded on Tuesday, 23 June 2020

David Tiltman, VP of content at WARC, takes a fresh look at the five key priorities identified in WARC's popular white paper 'Anatomy of Effectiveness'. In this session, he discusses current thinking in marketing strategy, and how it's changing in today's landscape.


Future Consumer 2022

Presented by Andrea Bell, Director, WGSN Insight, followed by Live Q&A

Recorded on Wednesday, 24 June 2020

The world is shifting at an accelerated rate and with it societal drivers of change. The Future Consumer highlights two global sentiments, fear and synchronised society, and how these mindsets are set to impact the future consumer landscape. From living in live streams to the power of peer networks, 2022 proves a unique (and challenging) opportunity for brands to break through the digital clutter and drive true engagement.


State of the State

Presented by Donna Sharp, MD, Medialink and Andrea Redniss, EVP, Medialink, followed by Live Q&A

Recorded on Thursday, 25 June 2020

MediaLink's "State of the State" curates learnings across our 100s of quarterly marketer interviews and indicates changing benchmarks of the latest models for marketing and media. Starting with the marketer's changing perspective and requirements, we deep dive into shifts in the ecosystem such as agency models (both external and in-house), technology-fueled planning and execution in marketing as well as emerging platforms and investments for major advertisers. The latest edition focuses on the transformative trends escalated by the effects of Covid-19 and how marketers are adapting, re-prioritizing and investing in new ways.


LIONS Live CMO Growth Council Panel

Hosted by Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, P&G

in partnership with the ANA & ViacomCBS

Recorded on Friday 26 June 2020

A call to action for senior leaders and chief marketers from around the world to join this live session in support of the initiatives that the Global CMO Growth Council’s leadership team has prioritized. Since its launch in Cannes back in 2018, the Global CMO Growth Council has used their collective clout and commitment as a force for growth and a force for good and have made extensive progress advancing a focused growth agenda for the industry. Yet now, the impact of COVID combined with racial injustice, have shown that the industry must go further, much faster. Accelerating economic and societal growth has never been more urgent. This panel featuring four CMOs including P&G's Marc Pritchard explores the global marketing agenda and the proposed future actions that will deliver growth and define the way forward.


Closing session: The LIONS Live Wrap Up, The Future of Creative Marketing

Recorded on Friday, 26 June 2020

Following the CMOGC LIONS Live session this discussion focuses on the Council's latest commitments, and how they could and should define the future of the industry, with special guests representing the best of marketing's next generation.