Talent & Organisation

A CMO Growth Council Priority

Fuelling the department with the right talent and organisational structures to maximise performance potential.

The Mission:

To eradicate modern marketing’s talent gap by elevating traditional marketing skill sets and overhauling the academic curriculum at major universities. Bridge the profession and academia with a focus on the knowledge and use of cutting-edge technologies, creative rejuvenation, mega-volumes of data, and innovative thinking.


For CMOs

Equip CMOs with the knowledge and resources that will help them maximise their own performance

For our industry

Establish universally recognised (and certified) standards of excellence for today’s key marketing roles, along with means to assess and develop the capabilities through a career span.

For companies

Re)establish marketing as the career choice for creativity and innovation that companies use to attract top talent who will ultimately become leaders that move the business forward.

For academia

Revolutionise the understanding of a modern marketing curriculum on campus


  1. Create a learning community for CMOs to help them become better CMOs
  2. Identify the most in-demand marketing roles and build infrastructure that supports the development of those competencies throughout the entire career path
  3. Certify criteria for key marketing capabilities and align improved performance to its business impact
  4. Flood global academia with real-world business cases, which includes in-person classroom visits, internships, mentoring professors and guiding academic curriculum and on-demand
  5. Launch a campaign to create mass awareness for marketing – targeting students, professionals, executives and consumers, in a way that draws excitement and respect to marketing as a rewarding and noble career

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