Note for 2020 – Fly posting at the festival no longer allows flyposting in any capacity.

Please do not print any posters to display on the Palais wall as then will be taken down.

If you have a Lions Daily advert:

Deadline for submission 28 May 2020
Send final artwork to sponsorassist@canneslions.com
Specs for artwork
Single Page 240mm x 330mm (add 5mm to all bleed edges)
Half Page 210mm x 142mm (add 5mm to all bleed edges)
Additional Information All adverts are repeated on line and linked to your website

All adverts submitted must be able to be opened in one of the following software packages
(in order of preference):

PDF file (Pre-Press)
Adobe Photoshop for Mac/PC
  (300dpi at final print size)
Adobe Illustrator for Mac/PC
(images + fonts linked to the document).

All included images files must be CMYK and supplied in either TIFF or EPS format for Mac only.

We recommend a minimum resolution of 300dpi (at the final printed size) for all embedded images. All fonts, including any used in any embedded images eg. EPS files must be included.  All colours must be CMYK separated.

For web addresses in ads use web safe fonts like Arial, Trebuchet, Verdana or Times New Roman.

Cannes Lions Logos

Please download this logo pack if you need to use a Cannes Lions logo in any of your creative campaigns.

Download logos