• Cabana construction Sunday 14 June  (subject to change)
  • Cabana interior build for Croistte Cabanas Monday 15 June – Saturday 20 June. Contractors will be able to gain access Tuesday 16 June
  • Cabana interior build for Beach Cabanas Tuesday 16 June – Saturday 20 June. Contractors will be able to gain access Wednesday 17 June. 
  • The interior set up can be finalised on Sunday 21, but no trucks or vans will be given access to the piazza on this date. 
  • Pre-registration Sunday 21 June – This is located in the Gare Maritime
  • Cannes Lions Festival Monday 22 June – Friday 26 June 8am – 8pm 
  • Cabana Breakdown Friday 26 June (No vehicles can access the piazza until 00:00, interior breakdown can begin from 8pm)

What is included in the Basic Package?

The basic package includes:

  • Inside carpet
  • Fridge
  • Outside flooring
  • Outside branding on 3 glass panels (6 panels for a 10x5m)
  • Bin
  • Wi-Fi
  • Electric point
  • AC unit (1 per 25sqm tent) with cover
  • Security
Date Activity Notes Contact
1 March AC unit dimensions confirmed inside and outside cover Cannes lions to confirm Cannes Lions Account Manger
1 April Confirm placement of panels and doors Sponsors to confirm to Cannes Lions and Bee to Biz Send forms back to
17 April Interior plans provided with technical documents for health and safety sign off. Include technical plans, material certificates, risk assessments. Confirm supplier details for interior build. Sponsor to confirm to Cannes Lions and the Technical Department simon@events-up.com
24 April Artwork provided for panels. Sponsor to send to Bee to Biz & Cannes Lions sponsorassist@canneslions.com
24 April Comments on interior plans Technical Dept will provide feedback/approval from Palais health and safety, and advise if any further information is needed before approval simon@events-up.com
4 May Artwork checked and confirmed Bee to Biz to check artwork and confirm files and specs are ok contact@beetobiz.com
14 June Cabana construction   contact@beetobiz.com
16 June Interior build – Beach & Coisette Subject to change  
17 June Exterior Artwork installed Subject to change
21 June Pre-registration opens
22 June Festival Opens

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What is the basic structure of a 5mx5m cabana?

  • 5 panels along each side, with each panel measuring approximately 1 m long X 2.20 m high. (Please note the panels used to build the cabanas are not completely uniform in size and there will be slight changes in the measurements).
  • Each panel can be either solid or glass panels.
  • The inside of the cabana is 25sqm and in addition a 25sqm terrace
  • Each cabana is separated by plants.
  • For double cabanas of 10m x 5m the inside area is 50sqm and the terrace is 50sqm 

Is the ceiling flat or does it peak like the tent? 

It's a flat ceiling for the 5x5 cabanas and a peak ceiling for the 10x10 cabanas. The fabric is white.

Where will the air con and power units be? 
Options are in the attached plans.

At what time can people have access to the cabanas? 
The Cabanas open from 8am and must be closed by midnight. 

How do we access the cabanas when we first arrive? 
The Cannes Lions team will meet you on site to give you your Cabana key, Cabana Passes and a contact sheet.  

Is there a storage area in the cabana town where we can store some boxes? What is the size of the space available for the storage?

  • There is not a storage facility in Cabana Town, but there is storage in the Palais
  • If you do not have space for everything to be kept in your cabana we can arrange deliveries in the morning or afternoon every few days. This information must be emailed to sophieb@ascential.com

Is there a possibility to hang material from the ceiling? 
No this is not possible. 

Do you have electrical restrictions for the cabanas?

  • 5x5 cabanas have 3,5 KW
  • 10x10 cabanas have 10 KW (French plugs)
  • There is electricity inside only, but you can have electricity outside too, on request only
  • Should you want to have more electrical power available, please contact Virginie Stilgenbauer on stilgenbauer@palaisdesfestivals.com who will be able to manage this request

Is Wi-Fi available inside the cabana and what is the name of the password? 
WiFi will be available. The WiFi log in and password will be confirmed in May. If you require a hardwire connection please contact Eric Legros at ViaPass directly on e.legros@viapass.com 

Do we need exterior lighting to have night-time events? 
It is light until at least 9:30pm in Cannes in June, so usually outside light is not required. The cabanas officially close at midnight so if you plan on organising a party until this time you will have to look into outside lighting. 

If I rent a screen, how can we display content on the TV screen?

  • You will need to bring a USB drive to display any content on the TV
  • We can also run an HDMI cable from TV to a laptop
  • You should use format .MOV H264 progressive for video content to play on the screens

What are the food and beverage options? 
Please refer to the supplier list for catering options 



Is there a person in charge for the cleaning and what is the schedule? 
Cleaning happens every night (rubbish emptied, vacuumed). If you wish to order more cleaning, please contact Virginie Stilgenbauer stilgenbauer@palaisdesfestivals.com 

Can we have access to the public toilets and what are the opening hours?

  • You have public toilets in front of the Croisette Cabanas next to the square. The opening hours are 8AM – 9PM from Monday to Sunday
  • Palais toilets can be accessed from 8am – 8pm for those with eligible passes. Cabana Pass holders will need to use the public toilets.



  • There are security guards patrolling the Cabanas, please do not leave any valuables unattended.
  • Any precautions you take are in your best interest as neither Cannes Lions nor the Palais can accept responsibility for any loss or damage to any goods at any time during the show. 
  • If items cannot be watched it is important that they are properly secured. 
  • Should you require additional Security Officers to protect your Cabana, this must be booked one month in advance via the Palais, who will provide Security Officers from their approved security supplier. 

It is not possible to hire Cabana Security from any other suppliers. Should you have any questions regarding security for Cannes Lions, please contact our Director of Security: Richard.West@ascential.com  

Piazza Spaces

Dates and info

  • Build start Thursday 18th *Subject to change
  • Cannes Lions Festival Monday 22nd June – Friday 26th June 8am – 8pm
  • Break down Friday 26th June (No vehicles can access the piazza until 00:00, interior breakdown can begin from 8pm)
  • Please refer to your contract for inclusions on your space or contact sponsorassist@canneslions.com

Cannes Lions Beach Pods

  • Meeting pod including branding and furniture
  • Daily catering of up to 1000 euros per meeting pod
  • Branded items

Dates and info

  • Monday 22 for delegates from 9am. Sponsors can enter to prepare their space from 8am onwards.
  • Beach is open until 2am subject to events happening.
  • The restaurant is always open for delegates, including if there is a private party taking over the content space.
  • The beach will start breaking down from 4pm on Friday the 26 of June in preparing for the closing party.

Artwork/ Signage

If you have a Palais banner a draft file must be submitted to the Palais Des Festival by 14 May 2020.  Please send this to sponsorassist@canneslions.com

Once your artwork has been approved, the final file must be submitted to sponsorassist@canneslions.com  by 20 May 2020.

If you have any hotel branding please send your draft files by 11 May 2020. Once approved a final draft must be sent to sponsorassist@canneslions.com the 26 May 2020