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Lions Health presents 2017 Jury Presidents

June Laffey, Executive Creative Director, McCann Health, Australia and South East Asia leads Pharma Lions Jury and Mike Rogers, Creative Partner, Serviceplan Health & Life heads the Health & Wellness Lions Jury

created on Wednesday 15 Feb 2017

15 February 2017 - Lions Health, Cannes Lions’ dedicated stream focused on life-changing creativity, has today announced June Laffey of McCann Health as the 2017 Pharma Lions Jury President and Serviceplan Health & Life’s Mike Rogers as the Health & Wellness Lions Jury President.

Louise Benson, Executive Festival Director of Lions Health, commented, “The rigid boundaries in the healthcare communications industry act as a catalyst for creative solutions that genuinely make a difference and Lions Health is a platform for these ideas to be celebrated, discussed and built upon. June and Mike bring vast expertise and experience and we’re delighted to have them as Jury Presidents, championing the very best of creativity in this highly regulated field and pushing for greater innovation and fresher ideas going forward.”

As Jury President for the Pharma Lions, June Laffey, Executive Creative Director, McCann Health, Australia and South East Asia, said “In life every challenge is an opportunity. That's how we learn, that's how we grow. Nowhere is this more true than when working in healthcare. Heavy regulations, risk-averse thinking and a smorgasboard of other constraints mean that, in health, we have many challenges. Despite this, the opportunities for life–saving creativity have never been so huge. I am honored to be trusted to lead this jury, where the filter of judging within these constraints must, and will, be rigorously applied.”

The Health specialist Lions celebrate creativity across a wide range of pharma and healthcare communications aimed at engaging healthcare professionals, patients and consumers. This year sees a new ‘Health and Wellness Tech’ product category added to the Health & Wellness Lions reflecting the huge increase in digital products, apps, wearables and gadgets aimed at improving and promoting a modern healthy lifestyle.

This year’s Health & Wellness Lions Jury President Mike Rogers, Creative Partner, Serviceplan Health & Life, said, “It’s been three years since the introduction of Lions Health in 2014, and since then it has been interesting to witness the incredible impact it has had on the industry perception of healthcare creativity. During this time, we have seen healthcare creativity truly flourish thanks in part to inspiring innovation. I was honoured to be a part of the inaugural Health Lions jury, and now, three years later, I am incredibly excited to see what this strong ‘wind of change’ has brought in to the increasingly fascinating world of healthcare creativity.”

Revolving around the work, Lions Health is a two-day event taking place during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, dedicated to exploring life-changing creativity. Running from 17-18 June, the event brings together professionals from across the healthcare communications industries to explore the intersection between health, technology and creativity and ignite a discussion focussed on the future of the industry.