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Lions Health: day two round up

Urban metabolism, HIV prevention and the NHS

created on Sunday 18 Jun 2017

“I truly believe that the Cannabis industry is beating heart of capitalism."
Jason DeLand, Anomaly
Lions Health made it into its second and final day, kicking off on the Inspiration Stage with Klick Health, who introduced the audience to award-winning, future-forward architect Bjarke Ingels. Bjarke envisions a world free from boring boxes and tired templates by disrupting the physical world with pragmatic, utopian spaces. 

As one of the most creative architects of his time, talked up his ideologies around social infrastructure. That is, infrastructure with positive social side effects, like how a bridge project he worked on looked to have a positive impact on a neighbourhood in Vancouver, or turning a power station in to a big public park that has skiing facilities, and the tallest climbing wall on the planet. 

“It’s very close to realising this idea of imagining our cities and buildings as man-made ecoystems; creating an urban metabolism,” Bjarke says. 
Joining the Health in Action stage just before lunch was last year’s prestigious Gold Innovation Lions Award winner Circ MedTech – the talent behind the world's only non-surgical male circumcision device called Prepex. Representing the company was the firm’s Director of Marketing, Adi Kadussi, who explained to attendees to significance of the device’s with the statement: “Male Circumcision can reduce the risk of HIV infection by approximately 60 percent”.

Verified as safe by the World Health Organisation, the Prepex procedure contains no surgery, no stitches, no recovery time, it’s simple to teach, set up and perform, and thus reduces burden on African health care assistants. It’s also scalable, doesn’t need running water or electricity to work and only takes 5 minutes, making it cost effective awhile causing minimal discomfort for patients, meaning they can return to work right after the procedure. 

We learned that so far, Prepex has delivered more than 1 million devices for countries in Africa, which according to statistical models, means 150 million HIV cases have been diverted, so more money can be shifted from potential HIV cases to other spaces.

As the two-days of life-changing creativity that is Lions Health neared an end, we were back on the Inspiration Stage with two of Britain’s most innovative and creative clinicians, Dr Jack Kreindler and Dr Tapas Mukherjee. The docs took the stage here in Cannes to provide an inside view of their experiences, weighing up the ethical responsibilities of advertising in the medical industry.
Tapas talked through experiences of accidentally going viral after creating an educational video about Glenfield Hospital’s guidelines for treating severe asthma to the tune of Deep Blue Something’s 1995 hit “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” after he realised healthcare professionals weren’t adhering to hospital guidelines to treat asthma. Two months later, in June 2012, the success of Tapas’ video meant 100 percent of Glenfield healthcare professionals were aware of the guidelines, which set him on course to want to create videos to educate medical professionals and make an impact in the future if health. 

But as Dr Kreindler remarked: “If we, as docs, are trying to market things that are small incremental differences [via videos] but spend £800,000 versus £8000 to try to persuade people to change behaviours, is that something we need to address ethically?”

Tapas didn’t agree, believing that if a drug for instance is a little bit better and people start to take it, that’s the direction we should head in. “We should focus on making things a little bit better. If you can communicate what the benefit is - as long as patient has a choice - I don’t have a problem with that.”
One of the last sessions of the day saw a fascinating talk from Anomaly’s Global CEO and hmbldt’s head of strategy, Jason DeLand on the Health and Focus stage. Exploring the anthropology of cannabis, the physiology of the human endocannabinoid system and how our relationship with cannabis is set to evolve beyond belief, Jason articulated how it was cultivated for thousands of years before it became the superstar of drug culture. 

He made a strong case about the future of cannabis in our society, and the positive impacts it come have once it is decriminalised and legalised across the world.  The audience, who were clearly hooked on every word he had to say, queued up to meet him at the end, gagging to hear more of his captivating words. 
For those that are still cynical of the medicinal qualities of cannabis, Jason remarked that it’s about dosage. 
“If there was a hangover from cannabis it people wouldn’t do it as much. Taking too much has an adverse effect, like paranoia or just wishing you felt normal,” he said. “Too much Tetrahydrocannabinol [the psychoactive chemical in cannabis] will make you paranoid, while Cannabidiol or ‘CBD’ [another active ingredient] degrades that, so will cancel out the bad effects – you have to see, it’s just all about dosage.”
He used this example to talk about hmbldt, a dose pen that delivers different formulas of chemicals extracted from cannabis to achieve different effects, such as better energy levels, better sleep and libido. The devices are designed exclusively for people to ensure a safe, controlled and accurate dose.
“I truly believe that the Cannabis industry is beating heart of capitalism,” Jason concludes.

Talks and work from the 2017 Cannes Lions Festival will be available on the Cannes Lions Player. 


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