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Pinterest at Cannes Lions: Stop liking. Start doing.

Pinterest President Tim Kendall used his time on stage at Cannes Lions to showcase how the right technology can help us stop tapping and start doing.

created on Thursday 29 Jun 2017

The promise of the internet was to connect us, not consume us. So why are the latest technology trends getting us to spend more time behind our screens instead of beyond them? On Sunday 18 June and then around the Festival itself, Pinterest President Tim Kendall charted how we've become addicted to our devices, what that means for us all, and what the company is doing to help people experience more of the world. 

1. We're all addicted to our phones

"It's scary when you see how we use screen time. The way it's come to define who we are and even our confidence in ourselves" 
Pinterest President Tim Kendall
Tim started his talk with some shocking statistics that demonstrated exactly how obsessed with our phones we've all become. He showed that the average person now spends three hours a day looking at their phone and explained that he had recently checked his own personal usage and discovered that, even when making a conscious effort to use his phone less, he still clocked up nearly 180 minutes of screen time a day. This happened after his own daughter called him out on the amount of time he spent glued to his screen at the expense of spending time with her.

2. Technology has already taken over our lives

"I long believed in technology’s ability to connect us. But I never expected it to take over our lives like it has"
Pinterest President Tim Kendall
Data presented during the Pinterest talk showed that the more connected people are, the more anxious they are and that four of the five most used online platforms were actually making their users less content with their lives.

3. We're becoming our selfies not ourselves

"The quantity of time we’re spending on our screen is affecting the quality of life we have in the real world"
Pinterest President Tim Kendall

Screen time is changing our experience of the world, according to Tim. He focused on how people at some of the world’s most iconic locations – for example the Galleria dell'Accademia in Florence – spent time working out how take the perfect selfie rather than enjoy the experience  of being in the presence of one of the greatest pieces of art ever made. The Pinterest President then suggested that everyone at Cannes Lions shared a responsibility to change this situation.

4. Focus on time well spent online

"If we are building technology that we know is making people’s life worse because they are spending so much of it on a screen, don’t we have an obligation to do something different? We have an opportunity to be thoughtful about the content we create and products we build so that they make people’s life better, off their devices"
Pinterest President Tim Kendall
Pinterest’s suggested solution is to focus on the quality of the time spent online. Tim explained that the metrics used at the company to measure success are different from many other sites and that they view it as a win when users get off their devices and go out into the world.

5. Introducing a new technology to explore the world with

"It lets you use technology to enrich your life without having to check out of it"
Pinterest President Tim Kendall
The Pinterest talk ended with Tim introducing the company’s new Lens technology, which lets users visually explore the platform like never before. He introduced it as a new way for people “to discover what they love” and it came about when the team realised people often didn’t have the words they needed to really search for the things they wanted to. 

Pinterest around Cannes

Pinterest was out in force at Cannes Lions 2017. The brand showcased its new technology, Lens, around the city and hosted a pier where delegates could see a custom-made Lens gallery and understand more about the innovation. Alongside this, there was a demonstration of how Lens has been integrated into Samsung phones and a bar serving things that appeared on the Pinterest 100.