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Spotify at Lions Entertainment

Spotify captured all the action from the two days of Lions Entertainment

Everyone from film directors and YouTube creators to chief brand officers and entertainment executives spoke at Lions Entertainment, listen to their opinions and experiences as recorded by Spotify

created on Friday 13 Oct 2017

I Want My Mobile TV: Producing for Streaming Generation

Tom Calderone, Spotify's Global Head of Spotify Studios, leads a discussion with top content creators: Russell SimmonsDawn Ostroff and Van Toffler, who have successfully made the leap from TV to mobile.

Melody, Harmony, and Metadata: Understanding People Through Music

Spotify's vice president of data, Adam Bly takes a close look at a special guest, Dita Von Teese's music listening to identify who the person is behind their streams.

How Music & Football Can Save Us (And Your Brand)

James Kirkham and Conor McNicholas of Copa90 deliver the rules for making brand relationship work in music and football today, and argue that brands now have a wider responsibility to work for social unity.

Influencing Authenticity

ZEFR's Trygve Jensen hosts a discussion between the world's top Snapchatter Shaun 'Shonduras' McBride and Chris Neel of Clorox, to learn how 100-year-old charcoal brand Kingsford worked with influencers to reach an audience of millennials.

#GravitysJustAHabit: An Optimistic Ad Made in the Most Depressing City

In February 2016, OK Go's Upside Down and Inside Out music video became the first ad to be shot entirely in zero gravity. Dmitry Tutkov and Oleg Barinboim tell the story of how a small-town Russian agency created an ad that would go on to generate more than 50 million views in its first two days.

A Biased History of Music and Advertising

A name synonymous with Music and Brands, Josh Rabinowitz, shares insightful anecdotes and an insider's perspective on the influential and truly entertaining work from 50 years music.

The Audience-building Secrets of YouTube Stars

Oscar Höglund of Epidemic Sound chairs a panel with YouTubers Kane Vato, Pia Muehlenbeck and Carly Rowena, to hear their secrets on how together they have amassed larger audiences than most leading broadcasters.

Gaming, a Digital Storytelling Revolution

Aubrey McClure (Activision Blizzard), Nathan Lindberg (Twitch), Victor Goossens (Team Liquid) and Louise Johnson (Fuse EMEA) explore gaming’s extraordinary success in pushing the boundaries of creative innovation that has led to the digital storytelling revolution.

Branded Podcasts: An Engaging, Effective and Subtle Brand Marketing Powerhouse

Fast Company's Jeff Beer is joined by Claire Dixon from eBay and Matt Lieber of Gimlet Media to find out how eBay and Tinder managed to tell authentic, yet subtly branded stories and leverage podcasting as a way to highlight the company’s leadership in their respective marketplaces.

Branded Content is so 1990s

Warren Hui (Mega Hive), Kai Xu (IPCN Ltd.) and Jun Qian (China Media 360) reveal how co-created content from Liby laundry and IPCN Ltd. including integrated product distribution channels, internet celebrities and advertisements, ultimately lead to a new business/IP under the Chinese domestic goods giant.

adidas originals: 101 Great Minds on Music Brands and Behaviour

In this "101 Great Minds" panel discussion, sonic branding expert Uli Reese picks the brains of adidas’ Silvia Calligher and Jenny D. Pham on how music can help brands immerse themselves in pop culture.

Defining Culture Through Brand and Artist Collaborations

Listen's Brett Volker discusses with Jackie Lee-Joe from BBC Worldwide and Mark Cranwell of SBTV on how brands can utilise artists and vice versa in order to connect with consumers and have a more meaningful impact on culture.

Is Entertainment the Most Powerful way to Make a Difference?

Anthony Austin of BBH is joined by the director of 'HOME', Daniel Mulloy, and actress and producer, Arta Dobroshi for a Q&A on the BAFTA nominated short film.

Hitting the Right Notes with Brand Partners

Marriott’s global marketing officer Karin Timpone leads a panel with Mike Tunnicliffe, Nick Jonas and Ed Horne to discuss the benefits of finding the right business partner as well as the smart strategy in attracting the next generation of travellers.

Tapping into the Source - Africa's Emerging Creative Revolution

In this presentation, Pernod Richard South Africa's Melanie Campbell, Ryan McManus and Jason Xenopoulos of VML and Khuli Chana will talk about Africa’s creative renaissance, the continent’s rapidly emerging consumer market, and the opportunity for global brands to capitalise on this vibrant creative revolution.

Khuli Chana

You Can’t Win without Women: Female Filmmakers for the Win

Amy Emmerich of Refinery29 is joined by Academy Award nominated actress, Gabourey Sidibe and Turner Entertainment's Kevin Reilly to dig in on why we need more of a woman’s creative eye and strategy in the world of entertainment, and why brands should get behind them to provide support and a platform.

Revolutionising Music and Content Partnerships

Dominic Sandifer (GreenLight Media & Marketing) interviews Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic), Jim Fraenkel (Spotify) and Mark Weinstein (Hilton) in a roundtable discussion about how they create culture together.

Television 2020: Storytelling for a Mobile Planet

Jeffrey Katzenberg and Michael Kassan take the stage for an enlightening discussion around the opportunities and obstacles they face as they move mobile from selfies to storytelling.

Inside the Jury Room: The Entertainment Edition

This 45-minute discussion brings together PJ Pereira, President of the Entertainment Lions and Olivier Robert-Murphy, President of the Entertainment Lions for Music to talk about the trends and the work they awarded this year and how they came to a consensus.

The Art of Engagement

Join Stephanie McMahon, WWE Chief Brand Officer and TV personality, and Paul “Triple H” Levesque, WWE Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative and 14-time WWE Champion, as they speak about connecting with today’s influential audience.

What Makes a Great Entertainer?

In this session, YG Entertainment's Joojong Joe is joined by CJ E&M's Tschaik (Sang-Gill) Lee and Cheil Worldwide's Kyejo Lee to share insights into the rise of KPOP and the KPOP lifestyle.

Music, Technology, and Creativity: the Exciting New Reality

Join a dynamic guided discussion with Gregory Glenday, Susan Credle, Wyclef Jean and Madeline Nelson to hear how creatives, labels, artists, and tech companies have adapted to this new world along with how one legendary artist, Wyclef Jean, has embraced everything from autotune to augmented reality to stay as relevant as ever.

Wyclef Jean

You can catch up on all the talks from Cannes Lions 2017 in full in the Cannes Lions Archive.