Cannes Lions Awards now open. Enter now

How to enter: a step-by-step guide

Ready to enter your work into Cannes Lions 2019? You'll need to create an account and then submit your ideas through our online entry system. We've put together some videos to help you navigate the process.
1. Start with some basic information about the work
2. Build a campaign of executions 
3. Add your company credits 
4. Add an additional company 
5. Add a production company if required  
6. Name the contacts who can be reached during judging
7. Explain where the campaign ran 
8. Add credits for the teams involved
9. If necessary, change the order of the people credits you have entered
10. You can clone people credits to speed up the entry process
11. Upload your presentations images, case films and digital supporting content
12. Upload your digital proof images
13. Add an entry to an existing or paid submission
14. Complete payment
15. Get your confirmation email and print labels
16. Where to find confirmation PDFs and labels
17. Get to know the Lions Health categories and mediums
18. Understand the rules around entering the Health Lions