Online bookings

Ready to buy your passes to Cannes Lions 2021? Here's how you secure your place at the International Festival of Creativity...

How can I book a pass for the 2021 Festival?

Festival passes can be booked online here.

What are the different passes and how much do they cost?

For all passes and prices, click here.

I have created an account but haven't received my password, what should I do?

Please click on Forgotten Password and enter the email address you used to create your account. You should then receive an email to reset your password.

If you do not receive the link, please contact us.

Is it possible to register more than one delegate before paying or must I pay for each delegate at the same time?

You can register several delegates before submitting to pay and do not have to pay for all registered delegates at the same time. You can also register delegates and then return to the My Orders section of your My Account area and register additional delegates or make changes before paying.

I do not yet know the details of the delegates who will be attending, can I still register them?

If you do not yet know the name of the delegate(s) attending, you can still register them without having to provide any details up until Midnight GMT Friday 30 April 2021. From 00.01 GMT Saturday 1 May this will no longer be an option.

Once you have the details, you'll be able to update the registration from the My Orders section of your My Account area.

If you choose this option, the price of the delegate pass will include an administration fee of €155 + TVA for Delegates and Young Lions (incl. Complete, Networking and Young Lions passes) and €95 + TVA for Students.

From 00:01 GMT Monday 1 March 2021, the administration fee will increase to €225 + TVA for Delegates and Young Lions (incl. Complete, Networking and Young Lions passes) and €125 + TVA for Students.

You will not be charged the admin fee again when you provide the delegate’s details later.

When will I receive my final booking confirmation?

In order for your registration to be processed, you must have paid your registration fee in full (including bank charges if you pay by bank transfer).

If you pay by bank transfer, please email your bank transfer confirmation, including the Order Reference number (found in the subject header of your confirmation email) to our Finance Team.

Once we have processed your registration, we will send your final booking confirmation via email.

What do I do if I require a visa?

Please check with the French embassy in your country if you are unsure whether a visa is necessary.

If you do require a visa, you can download a visa invitation letter directly online from the My Orders section of your My Account area, once you have registered.

If the name on your registration differs from the one on your passport, please contact us.

I get an error message when trying to register, who can I contact?

Please contact us with a description of the steps taken, a screen shot of the error message you received and the browser version you are using. We will then get back to you as soon as possible.

I keep receiving email reminders, what do they mean?

You have started but not completed a delegate registration.

Please note the email you receive is an automated reminder. To stop receiving the reminders, please go back into the online registration you started and either proceed to checkout or delete the delegate registrations from the My Orders section of your My Account area.