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The Lions

Design Lions

The Design Lions celebrate visual craftsmanship. Entries will need to demonstrate how design has been used to define a brand or communicate its key messages. That is, work in which a unique visual identity leads to consumer recognition or understanding.

Film Lions

The Film Lions celebrate the creativity of the moving image. Entries will need to demonstrate brilliant brand storytelling intended for a screen. That is, filmed content created for TV, cinema, online and out-of-home experiences.

Mobile Lions

The Mobile Lions celebrate device-driven creativity. Entries will need to demonstrate performance in portable platforms. That is, work where a hand-held or wearable environment is integral to the idea and enables key aspects of the execution.

Outdoor Lions

The Outdoor Lions celebrate creativity experienced out of home. Entries will need to demonstrate ideas that engage in-the-field. That is, work which leverages public spaces to telegraph a message or immerse consumers in a brand experience.

Print & Publishing Lions

The Print & Publishing Lions celebrate creativity in circulation. Entries will need to demonstrate ideas that leap off the page. That is, work that exhibits ingenuity and outstanding craftsmanship in published media.

Radio & Audio Lions

The Radio & Audio Lions celebrate creativity for the airwaves and audio content. Entries will need to demonstrate ideas that are wired for sound; that is, work that communicates a brand message through audio excellence, sonic innovation or superior aural storytelling.

Titanium Lions

The Titanium Lions celebrate game-changers. Entries will need to break new ground in branded communications; that is, provocative, boundary-busting, envy-inspiring work that marks a new direction for the industry and moves it forward.