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#Betterquestions with EY

At this year’s Festival, we opened the floor and invited our audience to submit their #BetterQuestions to be answered live on stage by the world’s most influential speakers.

Watch this year's top ten #BetterQuestions answered below and revisit the most relevant insights from the Festival.


What keeps CMOs awake at night?

Mathilde Delhoume is the LVMH Global Brand Officer and best answers this question by explaining the nightmares keeping her awake.


What happens when brands don't take a stand?

Marc Pritchard is responsible for P&G's brand building disciplines worldwide. In this clip, Marc explains why brands need to take a stand to support sustainability.


Can brand purpose alone, convince the consumer to buy?

Mr. Paul Miles, Executive Officer of ASICS Corp., explains why purpose is central to the creation of the brand ASICS.


How can challenger brands punch above their weight?

Hear how SoulPancake founder Rainn Wilson keeps it human.


Will digital brand experiences replace real experiences?

Karin Timpone, Global Marketing Officer at Marriott International, tells us why experiences are still central to the customer's experience.


Is brand experience more important than brand awareness?

Jennifer Utz Ilecki leads one of the most creative and dynamic groups at Marriott International. She explains how important it is to blend tech interaction with human interaction when it comes to engaging Gen Z.


Will bite-sized content shorten or lengthen our attention spans?

Andrew Robertson, President and Chief Executive Officer of BBDO Worldwide, explains how to keep audiences engaged in a saturated social environment – one where the average person scrolls through 300 feet of content per day and apps are more addictive than ever.


Should media companies ensure advertising is ethical?

Julia Goldin, CMO for LEGO, explains how the brand works with platforms to make sure the digital environment is safe for both kids and adults.


Are the best influencers for a brand always the most obvious ones?

Hear Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe, stylist and fashion blogger, discuss why brands are moving away from mass market bloggers in favour of micro-influencers and how this is changing brand alliances globally.


Should brands value purpose over profit?

Alan Jope, CEO, Unilever, evangelises the power of purposeful marketing across Unilever brands and demonstrates the effects of brand purpose on growth.

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