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Insights That You Can Use

Six key trend reports in partnership with Accenture Interactive

Six bespoke reports frame festival talking points and winners trends with wider industry intelligence.

Each report is available for download in made-to-edit PowerPoint format. Share insights, take relevant content directly from the reports and build your own presentations.

In-depth Industry Commentary

These white papers explore what's next and how you can stay ahead of the curve.

Expert Opinion

The Cannes Lions Podcast with Philip Thomas

Cannes Lions Chairman Philip Thomas talks to some of the biggest names in the industry. Released earlier on this year in the run-up to the Festival, the podcast explores one of the key issues faced by the marketing community in 2019.

Episode 1: Why is it so hard to prove the value of creativity?

Featuring Alexander Schill, Jonathan Mildenhall, Andrew Robertson & Cinzia Morelli-Vergooh.

Episode 2: Why is everyone struggling so much with inclusion, equality and diversity?

Featuring Adrianne Smith, Monique Nelson & Madonna Badger.

Episode 3: How can brands earn the right to be authentically part of culture?

Featuring Fernando Machado, Steve Stoute & Nils Leonard

Episode 4: Should brands leave making the world a better place to politicians, NGOs and the UN? 

Featuring SY Lau, Marc Pritchard, Alex Weller, Michelle Melendez & Gustavo Lauria.

Episode 5: What exactly is great consumer experience?

Featuring Nick Law, Daniel Bonner & Tiffany Rolfe.

Interviews With Industry Leaders

Cannes Lions Chairman Philip Thomas explores The State of the State

An interview series originally broadcast over the week of the Festival brings together important insights from creative heavyweights on the future of the industry. Hosted by Cannes Lions Chairman Philip Thomas.

David Droga

Creative Chairman

Karen Blacket

WPP UK Country Manager & MediaCom Chairwoman UK & Ireland

Per Pedersen

Global Creative Chairman
Grey Group

Mark D

Mark D'Arcy

VP Global Business Marketing & Chief Creative Officer

Wendy Clark

Wendy Clark

DDB Worldwide

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