President’s Playlist: Industry Craft Lions

Jayanta Jenkins, Global Executive Creative Director, Samsung Mobile, Cheil Worldwide, Global and Jury President for 2021 shares ten favourite pieces of work from over the years. Here, he considers examples of the artistry, talent and skill required to deliver a beautifully executed solution and bring a creative idea to life.

HBO Voyeur, HBO, BBDO New York, 2008

This is a superb example of when an idea and execution come together to create something timeless.

Welcome Home, Apple, TBWA\Media Arts Lab Los Angeles, 2018

I remember seeing this for the first time and then immediately watching it a second, third, fourth and fifth time right there and then. Flawless craft and amazing storytelling around immersive sound and the power of the Apple Home Pod.

Saltwater Brewery, Edible Six Pack Rings, We Believers New York, 2016

I selected this as one of my favourite Industry Craft picks, because it represents an approach that really was meant to move the industry - a piece of work with a purpose and for good.

Replay, Gatorade, TBWA Los Angeles, 2011

Amazingly crafted ideas like this transcend time and are not always ad-like objects.

Strange Love, Levi Straus, BBH London, 2007

This another simple idea that was crafted so masterfully.

Nike+ Fuelband, Nike, RGA New York, 2012

This is the product that made me realise how powerful ideas and technology can transform us and bring us together. Again, this is not a traditional advert, but a platform.

Adidas Football, Adidas, TBWA Berlin, 2009

Love, love. Love and love.

Honda Accord, Honda, Wieden + Kennedy, 2003

This will remain as one of my all time favourite ads I wish I had executed

Go Back to Africa, Black & Abroad, FCB Toronto, 2019

Just a brilliant idea crafted with such intention.

P&G Brand, P&G, Joint Editorial Portland, 2014


We’re the Superhumans, Channel 4, Blink Productions London, 2017

The legacy of great work is that it draws you back to watch it over and over again. For me, this campaign is one that I find myself not just watching on a regular basis but enjoying it more each time. The beauty of this lies in the brilliance of the positioning of Paralympic athletes as superhuman – this led to a brave, flawlessly executed campaign that truly deserved the recognition it received.