President’s Playlist: Favourite Creative eCommerce Lions

Tiffany Rolfe, EVP and Chief Creative Officer for R/GA and President of the Creative eCommerce Lions for 2021 shares her top favourite Lion-winning pieces from over the years. Here Tiffany considers work that showcases some of the best and most original applications of creativity to support commercial eCommerce, payment solutions and innovation.

Xbox Design Lab Originals: The Fanchise Model for Microsoft by McCann London (2018 - Shortlisted for a Creative eCommerce Lion)

User-generated commerce models aren’t entirely new, but this one made it fresh and fun and was flawlessly executed. Tapping into the passions of the gaming community and sharing the success of customised game controllers, it was a win for everyone. For authentic commerce connected more deeply into people’s interests, peer-to-peer commerce like this is a smart way to go.

DO Black - The Carbon Limit Credit Card for DOCONOMY by RBK Communication Stockholm (2019 Grand Prix Creative eCommerce Lion winner)

While most eCommerce is about increasing spending, this is more about understanding it. DO Black is a tool that helps users save more than money - it helps them save the planet. This credit card is an innovative and effective way to not just create awareness, but truly help people see how they are spending and act accordingly with their values. It feels like the beginning of a new type of values-based commerce that will be necessary to make real change in our world.

A/R Jordan for the Jordan Brand by R/GA (2018 Bronze Creative eCommerce Lion winner)

This work demonstrated that commerce can live within an experience and be a place to test cool new tech. It seamlessly integrated multiple partners - Snap, Shopify and Dark Store - to deliver a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. It’s a great example of how what can appear to be just a one-off cultural moment activation can be a test prototype for evergreen functionality such as same day delivery.

Air Max Graffiti Stores for Nike Air Max by AKQA Sao Paulo (2019 Bronze Creative eCommerce Lion Winner)

Soon enough everything, everywhere will be shoppable. I love the local insight and that it was exclusivity created through graffiti shoe drops. More than just waiting in a line, it created access by connecting the culture of the city to products, and rewarded people for their discoveries.

The Whopper Detour for Burger King by FCB USA (2019 Silver Creative eCommerce Lion winner)

I still get asked by clients for their “Whopper Detour.” Brands all do promos and giveaways, but no-one had ever done something so crazy as this. BK hijacked their biggest competitor's geographical advantage (a McDonald’s on every corner) and turned a simple promo into a collaborative, playful heist that was shareworthy.

And it increased sales and gave people a real reason to download the BK app, turning it into the #1 downloaded app. Simple in theory, but extensive and technical to execute, and totally worth it. A giveaway has been done a thousand times, but with a clever twist, and flawless execution, it opened our minds on how simple promotions can still rule.


Theraflu Tracker for GSK Theraflu by Wunderman Thompson Bogota (2019 Shortlisted for a Creative eCommerce Lion)

Ok, I remembered this piece and thought it was timely. Being able to accurately predict and calculate the risk of the flu to align purchase decisions that keep us well and healthy is something we definitely need right now.

The Homeless Webshop for Solidarite Grands Froids by TBWA Brussels (2018 Bronze Creative eCommerce Lion winner)

The simple idea of a homeless web store is at the core of what makes this brilliant. By not having a set site location, it demonstrated the issue and allowed for the scale they needed to support the cause.

Care By Volvo Mobile app for Volvo by Grey NY (2018 Bronze Creative eCommerce Lion winner)

Care by Volvo was a modern approach to shopping and buying a car designed for millennial customers who have a different set of shopping behaviors. The business model, subscription, and purchase journey were all as simple as the apps millennials use every day. The car industry has been slow at innovating, but this is one example of a car company getting it right.